New Lamborghini Aventador S Model 2017

New Lamborghini Aventador S Model 2017

It’s simply past dawn and i am running on a thin supply of caffein and epinephrine, however the 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S i am chasing around Circuit Ricardo Tormo just made me crack a grin: faint blue flames are simmering deep among the leader’s 3 exhaust pipes, pulsing almost unnoticeably as it whips around the track.

Some things regarding the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 coupe were subtle, but the boys in Sant’Agata Bolognese have gone full-bore at refining the splendidly unwieldy flagship enough to make it drive as capably as it appearance. This advanced version has been rechristened with an S at the end of its name, and yes, in the twisted microcosm of earthbound fighter jets, flames coming out of hindquarters qualify as subtle.

After all the Aventador S produces a lot of power – to the tune of 729 HP, a 38-hp climb from before, with force only increasing by one, to 509 pound-feet – and the additional grunt affects neither its 0-to-62-mph time of 2.9 seconds nor its terminal velocity of 217 mph. However version 2.0’s most notable enhancements apply to the big Lamborghini’s chassis, which now uses a four-wheel-steering system to countersteer the rear wheels below around seventy five mph, and turn them in section with the fronts for stability at higher speeds.

 Lamborghini Aventador S Features

The system responds in five milliseconds, and has the virtual effect of shortening the wheelbase by up to 20 inches or lengthening it by 27 inches. In case you are keeping tabs, the extra thirteen pounds of the steering hardware are offset by a new titanium exhaust system, basically rendering the curb weight unchanged. If you have ever tried to toss a boomerang through a maze, you’ve got a basic idea of what it took to carry a resourceful Aventador through a high-speed corner.

The act needed some patience to permit the front wheels to dig in and take hold, and even more resolve to wait for the proper moment to squeeze the proper pedal and power out of the apex. Accelerate too early, and you would abide terminal oversteer until you allowed the weight to shift, likely triggering traction control as you goosed the throttle on the way out.

New Lamborghini Aventador S Model 2017

At the Spanish track, the new Aventador controls something the first one couldn’t: though it still retains some understeer, it also dances and turns more willingly, snaking its way through every corner with a gratifying combination of weight transfer and grip. Oh happy, fire-breathing day.

When track time ends without incident, it is time to drive home on public roads and highways, an act of automotive shock and awe that leaves a trail of incertitude and wonder with the locals. To see an Aventador rumble down Rodeo Drive is competence, but completely another when it’s passing through a modest European country that is unaccustomed to exotics that value more than a suburban home.

 Lamborghini Aventador S Performance

New Lamborghini Aventador S Model 2017

Though we do not compared to exploiting the car’s limits through mountain passes, the Lambo feels more composed and better connected with the tarmac that passes below it. The transmission still lurches and pauses, but less abruptly. Engineering changes aside, the Aventador’s human factor is, as before, fully off the charts: the low-slung Italian wedge has a way of making ladies stare, men cheer, and kids break out into visible hysterics.

It is the stuff of classic Lamborghini, packing the sort of visual wallop that evokes teens to hang posters on their walls and middle-aged men to deplete their IRAs. But, if nothing less than the foremost dramatic, in-your-face snorting bull can do, there’s no replacement for the almighty Aventador S, an unapologetic flagship that simply makes other supercars look commonplace.

Though not without its quirks, Lamborghini’s top dog pridefully remains the last naturally aspirated, carbon-bodied, mid-engine V12 car in serial production. That automotive peerlessness not only makes it simple to forgive its clear and present flaws, it makes the $421,350 MSRP appear well price every penny.

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