With The Tie Up LG Introducing Its New Star Wars-Themed TV

If you are a Star Wars fan, and if there is availability for Star Wars-themed TV on the market, you have to make it clear whether you will buy it or not. Further, if you want to convince consumers that a $3,500 OLED TV is worth the upgrade, you have to reveal. That is easy. You can connect it to one of the most popular film franchises with one of the most rabid fan bases, and voila. You get a new impossible LG to resist Star Wars-themed TV packed with exclusive content.

Five months ago, at CES 2022, it first announced that LG partnered with Lucasfilm to customize the 65-inch version of its relatively new C2 OLED Evo TV. They are revealing the collaboration just in time for Star Wars Celebration 2022, which is underway today in Anaheim, California.

The Star Wars LG OLED Evo TV features a handful of upgrades over the stock model. LG TV includes new ‘Star Wars-themed’ packaging and updates to the user interface. Also, the TV energizes with the imposing sound of Vader’s breathing. The included LG Magic Remote has a ‘branding’ with the Star Wars logo. The on-screen cursor that can control by moving the remote around looks like a lightsaber.

The other noteworthy update is to the Gallery Mode of TV. Normally it’s used to turn the display into a giant photo frame or a digital canvas, but in this version, classic pieces of art get a replacement with two collections of Star Wars imagery. The ‘Conceptual Designs’ section comprises storyboards and illustrations created as part of the ‘pre-production’ process for the original film. In contrast, The Journey of Darth Vader section includes digitized movie posters, pivotal scenes in the movie, and artwork inspired by its iconic characters.

They promise the details on pricing and specific availability to come later, but LG has revealed one peculiar decision about the TV. They limit it to just 501 units in the USA. Given that the last Star Wars Celebration held in Chicago in 2019 attracted some 65,000 fans that traveled worldwide to attend, LG could probably easily sell 5,001 of these, if not more. Each one includes a numbered authenticity certificate to increase its value theoretically, but the manufactured scarcity could mean that finding one before someone with eBay aspirations may be tricky.

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