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WHO Insists That Booster Vaccines For COVID-19 Are Not Necessary

The World Health Organization (WHO) indicated this Wednesday that, according to current data, WHO insists that now it is not necessary to the population booster vaccines dose for Covid-19.

The organization asked countries that are proposing a third dose of the Vaccine along these lines. The third dose of Vaccine – such as Chile – is to reconsider, since “there is no strong scientific evidence” that indicates that this is necessary. The consequence is that they are unnecessarily hoarding hundreds of millions of doses.

Furthermore, WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan told in a conference from Geneva. She said they believed that the current data did not indicate that boosters are needed to increase protection against the disease.

Along the same lines, the WHO advisor, Bruce Aylward, spoke at a press conference, referring to booster vaccines administered in high-income countries. He also said that there are enough vaccines worldwide, but they don’t go to the right places in the proper order.

Soumya Swaminathan, WHO chief scientist, said that the current data does not point to the need for a booster vaccine dose. To its inhabitants, a third dose in the face of several rich countries with high immunization rates against covid-19.

Commenting on this situation, the WHO explained that they are mixing aspects related to vaccination. Well, on one side is the effectiveness of vaccines – none of which reaches 100% – and, on the other, the duration of protection they offer. We Should treat that separately. But Who not encouraging to insists that booster vaccines for COVID-19.

More vaccines to the most vulnerable countries

They have inoculated 4.5 billion doses of that. However, the vaccines are not going to the right places at the right time. So they insisted on one of those responsible for the COVAX program for equitable access to vaccines, Bruce Aylward.

He said they should give the most vulnerable worldwide two doses before giving boosters to those fully vaccinated. Aylward added that They are very, very far from that.

WHO Insists That Booster Vaccines For COVID-19 Are Not Necessary
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