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What Things Do You Need To Do If You Got Tested Positive For Covid?

What Things Do You Need To Do If You Got Tested Positive For Covid - ebuddynews

As the omicron variant continues to spread throughout the United States, it is highly likely that many more people. Including those who are already vaccinated will test positive for coronavirus.

So what things you should do if you tested positive Covid? We spoke with doctors and infectious disease experts about taking steps after receiving a positive test or discovering that you are in contact close with an infected person. It is their advice.

If You Just Received A Positive Result

Let’s assume if you are in a public place or around other people when you receive the results, put on a mask immediately. Then you should isolate yourself as quickly as possible, even if you have no symptoms. However, the CDC recommends isolation for ten days after testing positive.

What Does It Mean To Isolate Yourself?

An infectious disease expert, Peter Chin-Hong, said that if you tested positive Covid you need to do things like if you live with roommates or family members on the same roof. Try to separate yourself from those people as much as possible. Lock yourself in a cocoon. It would help if you got out of society.

Isolating yourself in a home where other people also live can be difficult, but try your best. Suppose a child or an older person who is the infected person needs help. That means you have to stay in your room, away from other household members, even during meals. If possible, someone should carry your food to the room door where you are isolated. If more than one bathroom in the house, it is advisable to designate one for use only by the infected person. Both the caregiver and the sick person should wear face masks when the caregiver enters the room and open the windows if possible.

Suppose you have to go to common areas or share the bathroom. Remember always to wear a high-quality mask when you leave the room. If other people who are in the house, they should also wear masks in the same space. After using a shared bathroom, you need to sanitize the toilet seat and handle. Close the lid before unloading and turn on the exhaust fan. Also, open windows to improve ventilation in shared areas.

Paul Sax, an infectious disease expert at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and a professor at Harvard Medical School, said The people who live in your home also have to take precautions, but they should not panic, especially if they are vaccinated. The rate of covid infection in households is not 100 percent far from it, even with the most infectious variants.

Tara Kirk Sell, the principal investigator at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Safety, said that although cleaning shared spaces can help gradually. The essential thing is to keep people from breathing in germ-laden air. If you have a HEPA air filter, locate it inside or outside your bedroom.

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