Wearable Device Fresh Air Clip Detects Coronavirus If You are Exposed, Researchers Says

Wearable Device Fresh Air Clip Detects Coronavirus If You are Exposed, Researchers Says - ebuddynews

The COVID-19 pandemic came into our lives almost two years ago. As if that were not enough, the new Omicron variant has forced the countries’ governments to accelerate the vaccination processes and adopt new measures, such as using a mask outdoors to reduce an increase in the number of infections.

To remedy this situation, a group of researchers from Yale University (United States) has created a wearable device attached to clothing to determine if the coronavirus has exposed the user.

They Said wearable device is called ‘Fresh Air Clip’ and can be placed on clothing or even attached to a collar to capture aerosolized viral particles from a person. In addition, it is a small, portable and inexpensive device that does not require any power source.

The design is similar to a clip and has a central screen made of a polydimethylsiloxane surface that captures virus particles. Users will have to wear said wearable for a day or two. When they take it off, they will have to send it to a laboratory to find out if there is a presence of coronavirus.

The innovation report has got published in the American Chemical Society. It indicates that the researchers distributed 62 Fresh Air Clip to volunteers to check the product’s effectiveness. The result revealed that five wearables gave positive results indicating exposure to the virus.

The innovation developers believe that the Fresh Air Clip can report the viral load to which a person has exposure after evaluating in the laboratory.

Krystal Pollitt, a researcher at Yale University, points out in the report that this wearable device Fresh Air Clip could check ventilation settings in hospital rooms with positive patients. It could also use it to detect viruses indoors or determine if there are areas that are at high risk of exposure or not.

On the other hand, the researchers want to work on a new function so that Fresh Air Clip can offer real-time warnings of virus exposure.

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