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Walmart Will Open its Ghost Kitchen Planning Their First Store At US

Walmart continues to innovate the retail market to continue growing and provide the consumer with the best experience. A new association puts the so-called “ghost kitchen” on the table, having its pilot program in one of its warehouses in New York.

The Walmart will open its first “ghost kitchen” operated by the Ghost Kitchen Brands platform at its warehouse in Rochester, New York. This program is a collaboration between Walmart Canada and the ghost kitchen company. At the location of this store, it will offer a collection or delivery service for meals of up to 25 brands.

Darryl Spinks, a senior director of retail services for Walmart USA, said that they were proud because they have the highest standards for their services. For clients, they are providing everything in time to them with the convenience that their clients need.

In recent weeks, Walmart has unveiled different technological initiatives, such as developing artificial intelligence to sell groceries or improving its Walmart + service.

A ghost kitchen is a food service that is equivalent to a dark store. This place prepares food for delivery without providing dinner service. Even though this concept has been around for many years now, ghost kitchens have gained popularity in the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the customers are turning to online delivery of ready-to-eat meals at home.

Although this service will only be available in the New York store at the moment, however, they are planning to the expanded their partnership with Ghost Kitchens Brands. They aim to open its ghost kitchen at more Walmart locations in the United States over the next few months and through 2022. Among the states expected to be the next with this option in food are Texas, California, Illinois, and Georgia.

They started this concept in Canada at the St. Catharines store in Ontario. The company also plans to open more Canadian ghost kitchens in two more Ontario stores and two Quebec stores in the coming months.

Nathan Famous, the fast-food hot dog and potato chip company that most seek to take advantage of placing their products through these “ghost kitchens” of Walmart. By the end of 2021, this company has partnered with Ghost Kitchens Brands to open 100 non-traditional locations. Sixty locations will be in the US and 40 in Canada, the majority within Walmart stores.

George Kottas, founder and CEO of Ghost Kitchens, said that they are delighted with this next chapter in their growth story in the US. They continue to innovate with seamless integrations of new and improved restaurant concepts. Also, he added that they feel proud to work with Walmart to create excellent customer experiences. And make premium products more accessible in the Canadian and US markets.

Walmart Will Open its Ghost Kitchen Planning Their First Store At US
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