Vladimir Putin Declared Russia Attacks Ukraine

Vladimir Putin Declared Russia Attacks Ukraine - ebuddynews

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, has crossed a point of ‘No Return.’ Before six o’clock this morning, Moscow time, an hour earlier in Ukraine, the Russian leader announced a special military operation in Donbas. A few minutes after the speech of the Kremlin chief broadcast on all Russian state channels. Russia have recorded attacks of large explosions at various points in eastern Ukraine, from Sloviansk and Kramatorsk to Kharkiv, 30 kilometers from the Russian border, even in Kyiv, the capital.

The Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior has reported that Russian troops had landed in the ‘Port City’ of Odessa and are crossing the border at various points in the country. Also, according to Interior sources, from the ‘Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea,’ which Russia illegally annexed in 2014. According to the Russian leader, Putin’s military operation, which seeks to demilitarize but not occupy the country, takes color from a full-scale invasion. Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, has declared martial law. He said that the army was working. No panic, and also, we are strong. We will defeat everyone. We are ready for everything.

The state emergency service of Ukraine proclaims that Russia launched attacks against ten Ukrainian points, mainly in the east and south of the country. In a note, the government agency says that information about the attacks is constantly arriving. According to the Russian state agency RIA, the Russian Defense Ministry claims, for its part, that it is using high-precision weapons. That is to disable military infrastructure, air defense facilities, military airfields, and Ukrainian army aircraft.

Putin, who has agitated for months the argument that the Kyiv regime is a Nazi regime that discriminates against Russian-speakers and that the Donetsk and Lugansk regions are suffering genocide, has stated in his announcement that his announcement the military aggression is to defend and protect citizens. Putin said, sternly in a video message flanked by two Russian flags, that they would strive to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. And also for bringing to justice those who committed numerous bloody crimes against civilians, including citizens of Russia.

The Russian Interfax agency also reported explosions in the Donetsk and Lugansk areas under the control of the pro-Russian separatists fed by the Kremlin. They have been fighting the Ukrainian Army for eight years in a war that has already claimed 14,000 lives. A new hot war in the region would be devastating. A large-scale intervention throughout the country was catastrophic.

Putin made a flaming speech wherein he questioned Ukraine’s sovereignty. He considers it a fictitious country. As a result of historical and diplomatic seams, Putin signed the recognition of the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. Immediately afterward, as the decree stated, he ordered the sending of troops to the two secessionist territories, which control only a third of the Donbas territory that they claim with the endorsement of Putin.

The Russian leader said that he decided after receiving a request for help from the leaders of Russia-backed breakaway territories in eastern Ukraine. He warned after announcing the military operation that if anyone who tries to interfere with us or creates threats to their country, they must know that Russia’s response will be immediate. And will lead to consequences such as they have never experienced before in their country’s history. He also added that they are ready for any turn of events.

Hours earlier, in an emotional speech to the nation, with a restrained but dramatic gesture, Zelensky seemed to foreshadow that another Russian military aggression would take place. Kyiv is ready to negotiate with Moscow on any channel. Also, he has said in a speech in ‘Ukrainian and Russian’ released on his Telegram channel.

Before addressing the Russians directly, Zelensky said he started a phone call with the Russian president. The result was quietness, although quietness should be in Donbas. He stressed that they are separated by more than 2,000 kilometers of mutual borders, along with 200,000 of its soldiers and 1,000 armored vehicles. Their leadership has approved their course into the territory of another country. Also, this step could become the beginning of a great war. They don’t need war, hot, cold, or hybrid. But if the Russia troops attacks Ukraine and someone tries to take away our country, our freedom, our lives, the lives of our children, then we will protect ourselves. And when Russia attacks Ukraine , they will see our faces, not our backs. They feel the very destructive economic effects prevail due to the fast attack. The Moscow Stock Exchange has stopped trading, and the ruble has fallen to record levels against major currencies.

The night has been upsetting, and overwrought has existed in Donbas and Ukraine. The government, which despite alarms from the United States and NATO, has been uncertain for weeks about a possible invasion, changed its course. It closed the airports of Kharkiv, Zaporiya, and Dnipro, in eastern Ukraine. Before, he announced a state of emergency and decreed the call for up to 36,000 reservists.

Since the end of November, Moscow has concentrated tens of thousands of soldiers around Ukraine’s borders: up to 190,000, according to the latest information from the United States. His speech was broadcast on state television channels while the UN Security Council took place on the Russian threat. Putin has assured that the clashes between the Ukrainian and Russian forces are inevitable and only a question of time. The Kremlin chief has claimed that NATO’s further expansion and use of Ukraine’s territory are unacceptable.

In addition, the Russian president called on the Ukrainian military to lay down their arms and threatened a forceful response to those countries that decided to intervene in the situation from abroad. He stated that he urges you to lay down your arms and go home immediately. All servicemen of the Ukrainian Army who meet this requirement will leave the combat zone and return to their families freely.

Putin said that the policy of the empire appeared first of all, and it was the basis. In such cases, we say that there is power. No mind is needed. Further, they all know that true power lies in justice and truth, which are on their side. He asserted that if this is so, it is hard not to agree that strength and readiness to fight are the basis of independence and sovereignty. They are the necessary foundation on which only one can build his future.

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