Virgin Galactic Is Now Open Ticket Sales To Space For $450,000 To Public

Virgin Galactic Is Now Open Ticket Sales To Space For $450,000 To Public - ebuddynews

Virgin Galactic declared it intends to open ticket sales to the public for its upcoming trips into space. They recently began to sell tickets.

In this way, the aerospace tourism company will allow people to buy a seat on the plane that will take them to the edge of space and back to Earth.

As reported by Virgin Galactic, the ticket for sales to space would price at $450,000; those who are interested must deposit $150,000 and pay the remaining amount before the flight.

The company posted an application on its website that must be completed by those interested. Virgin intends to sell 1,000 seats for the next flights to be carried out on its Unity 23 aircraft from 2022.

As the company explains, these vehicles take off from the air after being transported by a White Knight Two cargo plane. When released, Unity 23 ignites its rocket motor and begins its incline into space, more than 50 miles above Earth.

On that minute, passengers can unbutton their seat belts and float liberally in the cabin for a few minutes.

In July of last year, it should remember that Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic, participated in the company’s first such flight. He is marking his entry into the field of aerospace tourism.

That tendency seeks to allow the civilian group to travel also to space. That kind of journey is unreserved only for military or scientific personnel.

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