Ukraine Says Humanitarian Crisis Worsen And Talks With Russia Show Little Progress

Ukraine Says Humanitarian Crisis Worsen And Talks With Russia Show Little Progress - ebuddynews

On Monday, disagreements and persistent attacks prevented tens of thousands of frantic civilians from fleeing Ukraine’s depleted cities besieged by Russian forces. At the same time, the Ukraine and Russia failed to make much progress in the third round of peace talks since the beginning of the war invasion.

On the humanitarian front, the UN said that due to crisis more than 1.7 million people fled Ukraine in 12 days of the Russian offensive after adding another 200,000 on the last day. It confirmed the death of 406 civilians, although it took it for granted. It has discounted that the real figure is much higher.

Ukraine Says It Is Serious Crisis

At the economic level, the worsening of the conflict is also causing financial turbulence and a vertiginous increase in the price of oil, gas, gold, and raw materials such as wheat.

Efforts to remove thousands of civilians from the southern port city of Mariupol and another nearby town collapsed over the weekend amid continued shelling. Water, food, electricity, and medicine are increasingly scarce there. The UN and the Red Cross warned in other cities under attack, media published.

The Red Cross said on Monday that logistical disagreements and disagreements over the route of civilians were the reasons for the failed evacuations from Mariupol.

What Did Russia Propose?

However, the Russian Defense Ministry announced a new attempt on Monday. It proposed a limited ceasefire to allow civilians to leave Mariupol and northern Kyiv, Karpov, and Sumy’s capital. But since half of the runners were heading to Russia and Belarus, Ukraine rejected the initiative.

Russian forces then resumed their bombardment, with fighting raging in multiple areas.

On Monday, the two sides held talks in another round in neighboring Belarus. An adviser to Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky later reported little progress on the evacuation issue.

The Russian Advance From The East

Mykhailo Podoliak said on Twitter, without giving details, that we have achieved some positive results in the logistics of humanitarian corridors.

Podoliak added intensive consultations around the central point of achieving a ceasefire in Ukraine.

A general ceasefire was very low expectations.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has made it a condition that Ukraine accepts his demands for demilitarization. For status of a neutral country that guarantees that it will not join NATO, therefore. It will not remain in the military orbit or that of the United States -something Moscow sees as a threat – nor from Russia.

The Russian delegation head hinted that there was no progress on these issues.

Vladimir Medinsky said that the talks between Ukraine and Russia did not meet Moscow’s expectations.

He added to the Russian TV channel that we hope to make a more significant breakthrough next time. Officials scheduled to meeting between the two countries’ foreign ministers in Turkey on Thursday, the Turkish government reported on Monday.

The Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, said that after an early morning of the violent bombing, it reduced the intensity of the fighting in the morning. However, he called not to lower our protection.

The Russian occupiers intend to concentrate their forces for a new series of attacks against Kyiv, Kharkov, northern Chernigov, and southern Mykolaiv, Reznikov warned on Facebook.

The Ukrainians, whose resistance has slowed the Russian advance and prevented a lightning victory by Moscow, have been reinforcing cities across the country.

Kyiv Resists

Soldiers and volunteers have built hundreds of checkpoints and barricades out of sandbags, tires, and barbed wire in the capital.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said on Telegram that the capital is preparing to defend itself. He added that Kyiv would resist! 

Yesterday, Zelensky warned that Russia was preparing to bomb southern Odesa, a strategic port on the Black Sea, the largest in the country.

In Irpin, an unofficial humanitarian corridor opened a small town on the outskirts of Kyiv, partially controlled by Russian forces. Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers are along roads guarded to thousands of residents could flee across a makeshift bridge.

The media reported that children, the elderly, and families leaving behind baby carriages and the heaviest suitcases were rushing into the overcrowded buses and vans, hoping to survive.

Hours later, a Ukrainian soldier who identified himself as Stas reported to media street fighting and melee in Irpin, which could soon spread to the besieged capital of Ukraine.

Millionaire Damages In Ukraine

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine estimated this Monday at 10,000 million dollars the damage caused by Russian attacks.

The Education Ministry said the bombing hit 211 schools, and the Health Ministry said 34 hospitals were out of service.

Western countries have imposed unprecedented sanctions against businesses, banks, and oligarchs to stifle the Russian economy and pressure Moscow to stop its assault in response to the crackdown.

On Monday, US President Joe Biden and the UK, France, and Germany agreed to increase the cost imposed on Russia for attacking Ukraine during a video call.

The White House said that the leaders renewed their commitment to providing Ukraine with economic, humanitarian, and security aid. The White House said of Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, and German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

On the other hand, China reiterated its rock-solid friendship with Russia but said it was willing to participate in peace mediation if necessary.

In response to international sanctions, the Russian government established a list of hostile countries. Individuals and companies will be able to repay their debts in rubles, a currency that has lost 45% of its value since January.

NATO’s Position On A No-Fly Zone

The US ambassador to NATO, Julianne Smith, stated that the Alliance is not willing to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine because of the repercussions that this would have.

Smith explained that our goal right now is to stop the war. We do not want to extend this conflict beyond Ukraine. So now, the collective signal from NATO is that the Alliance is not willing to impose a no-fly zone.

Instead, NATO countries manage the delivery of lethal support to Ukraine while assessing its security needs in real-time.

The Alliance is also mobilizing resources to ensure the safety of its members. He added that we are going to defend every inch of NATO territory.

In addition, Smith confirmed that they are talking to the Polish government about the possibility of sending MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine to fight Russian forces. He closed that it was a sovereign decision that Poland must make. There are many open questions still. The United States has told its readiness to sit down and discuss outstanding issues.

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