Twitter Announced The Edit Button And Working On It

Twitter Announced The Edit Button And Working On It - ebuddynews

Twitter has confirmed that its new functionality is not a funny story. Twitter announced that it would implement the ‘edit button’ users who have asked for years. On the other hand, they still have to answer for many questions. 

The edit button has become a ‘meme’ within the Twitter community. On April 1, April Fool’s Day (like April Fool’s Day in the US and other countries), the official Twitter account announced working on an edit button. Of course, no one believed it. Most people had already given up hope, especially when the company started joking about its inclusion.

However, the company has confirmed currently that it was not a joke. It is developing an ‘edit button’ on Twitter that will allow the users to modify the content of tweets after posting them. The amount of details is very scarce, but everything indicates that it will not be as simple as it sounds and that there will be certain considerations.

At the time, they tested the feature within Twitter Blue, Twitter’s paid service that is only available to some users. Their goal is to find out ‘what works,’ ‘what doesn’t work,’ and ‘what is possible.’ The position indicates that Twitter will not allow the users to change the text they have published without any restriction simply. It is because that would open the doors to more abuse.

The edit button likely has some limitation of time or number of characters that we can change. In the light of the above experience and to illustrate the same, it would allow changing messages that have received many retweets and ‘likes. In that way, they show false news or advertising.

Twitter announced the edit button just after Twitter’s new biggest shareholder, Elon Musk, conducted a poll among the users to know whether they wanted an ‘edit button.’ However, the company seems to imply that it’s all a huge fluke, as he claims the idea for the edit button didn’t come from a survey. It’s unclear to what extent Musk is already influencing Twitter less than a day after being accepted onto the company’s board of directors, but the coincidence is striking.

They have not mentioned the date of release or concrete plans for the Twitter’ edit button.’ We will have to wait months until such time they finalize its implementation.

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