Truckers Freedom Convoy Oppose Vaccine Mandate Draws A Huge Crowd In London, Ontario

Truckers Freedom Convoy Oppose Vaccine Mandate Draws A Huge Crowd In London, Ontario - ebuddynews

Motorists can expect major delays along Highway 401 in the London, Ontario region due to the southern routes of the so-called “Freedom Convoy” of truckers and supporters protesting vaccination mandates for cross-border truckers.

Organizers explain the vaccine mandate as an instance of ‘political overreach.’ It results in economic damage and argues that the policy harms small businesses and denies some workers the ‘survival means.’

‘The Canadian Trucking Alliance’ has voiced against the demonstrations. It states that it does not support and extremely dislikes any rallies on public ‘thoroughfares,’ highways, and bridges.

OPP says if the truckers freedom convoy protest reaches London, Ontario expect traffic delays.

Convoys in London traveling from Sarnia and Windsor will meet at the ‘Flying J Travel Center’ on Highbury Avenue South.

They expect the participants to stay at least an hour before heading east on Highway 401 toward Drumbo, eventually stopping in Kingston for the day.

Finally, the convoys will join others from Canada in Ottawa at the weekend.

Long before the convoys reached London, a crowd gathered at the Flying J Travel Centre, with more than 100 supporters in attendance.

The sound of horns filled the air just like the protesters cheered beside the road and draped in Canadian flags. They hold signs calling for freedom from restrictions and handing out coffee and donuts to keep warm.

Speaking to Global News, OPP said officers would be monitoring the events.

Derek Rogers, West Region OPP, said we want the protesters safe. We want those on the road with the protesters as motorists to be safe. We want the gathering people to watch the convoy go by to be safe.

We will possess many officers in the area to keep an orderly flow. It ensures everyone remains safe.

London Police advised motorists to expect long delays in both directions along Highbury Avenue near Highway 401. Also, the curb lane of Wellington Road was closed to southbound traffic at Exeter Road.

Trudeau says those who vaccinated truckers as ‘freedom convoy’ heads to Ottawa.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once announced that all Canadian truck drivers who wanted to cross the border from the United States could be vaccinated to avoid a 14-day quarantine. The Americans did the same thing last Saturday.

The plan didn’t go into effect until January 15 to give drivers a couple of months to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

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