Top Most Famous Cars In The 1920s

Top Most Famous Cars In The 1920s - ebuddynews

We cannot renounce that the automotive world has experienced great changes in recent decades. However, if we go further, at the age of 20, we find different models that still take our breath away. Would you like to remember some? Well, we will tell you about a few famous cars in the 1920s.

Famous Cars In The 1920s

Although none of them exist or no other model has wanted to imitate them, the truth is that these models set precedents and left an indelible mark on our hearts.

Rumpler Tropfenwagen

Rumpler Tropfenwagen - ebuddynews

Although Rumpler was an aviation manufacturer, it was one of the most famous manufactured cars in the 1920s after the war. Among its most outstanding models, the Tropfenwagen stands out. Its designers said that they wanted to evoke a drop of water, although it doesn’t seem like it to us, and we would even dare to say that it is a somewhat ugly car.

Even so, there are those who affirm that it was the first existing minivan in history and that it deserves to be honored for this reason.

Bugatti Type 35

Bugatti Type 35 - ebuddynews

We couldn’t stop talking about Bugatti in the 1920s, as he was one of the pioneers in the invention of the automobile. He was one of the first capable of making large engines with large displacement and horsepower. His success was due to the racing cars used in professional competitions.

Its designs were so special and exclusive that many wanted to use it daily. However, it could have been more practical due to the placement of several of its elements.

Austin 7

Austin 7 - ebuddynews

They called it the Ford Model T, which became an emblem of the 1920s. It was a patented model that served as a precedent for the first models of BMW and Nissan.

It is a classic that we can never forget and that displaced the use of carriages that were used at the time, giving way to a new era, the modern and technological era.

Renault 6 CV

Renault 6 CV - ebuddynews

Although many do not know it, Renault has existed since the birth of cars. This particular model was a favorite among users. Compact, familiar, and economical, but with futuristic lines that set precedents for other brands at that time.

Ford Model A

Ford Model A - ebuddynews

It was precisely one of the models that copied some of the components and lines of the Renault 6 CV. It was not easy for him because his model T seemed irreplaceable, but this one was a resounding success, we could even say unexpected.

In just five years, it sold more than four million copies, an unbeatable record for the time.

Citroen 7A Traction Avant

Citroen 7A Traction Avant - ebuddynews

An elegant saloon where they exist was this ironic model that many would pay to have again. It was the first design in which the body and chassis were fully fused, thus giving greater stability and reducing weight and costs.

For more added, it also offered independent suspension, hydraulic brakes, and a synchronized gearbox, a pioneer in the latest technology.

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