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The Delta Variant Accounts In The United States For 83%

Two-thirds of the counties in the United States have only 40% of their population vaccinated, which favors a sharp increase in the accounts of infections of the Delta variant in the country. The United States is also experiencing a rebound in Covid-19 cases. However, the authorities assure that it is “mild” compared to previous pandemic waves. Meanwhile, in India, many people question the official death toll from coronavirus. As per the estimation that it could be up to ten times higher.

The Covid-19 pandemic does not give a truce even in the countries with the fastest vaccination campaigns. The United States has got the most access and availability of vaccines. Despite that, the country suffers from the new acceleration of infections due to the Delta variant. It is spreading especially among the non-immunized population. President Joe Biden expressed concern about the high percentage of residents for their refusal of vaccination. Further, he blamed misinformation for this. 

Europe is not an exemption from this problem. The Delta variant is prevailing at the majority in almost all countries, as in Spain. It is because in Spain where it mainly affects young people. More than half of the Spanish population has already got full immunization. Authorities concerned have not yet vaccinated them.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Covid-19 leaves 191.2 million infections and 4.1 million deaths. According to the Johns Hopkins University count, they have inoculated more than 3.661 million doses to fight a virus.

The Delta variant causes infection accounts to more than 80% of people in the United States.

There was a race between the Delta variant of Covid-19 and vaccines against the virus in the United States. In such a case, the variant would be winning. According to the latest figures from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this type of Covid-19 already represents 83% of the new cases detected. 

Rochelle Walensky, The director of the CDC, recognizes that it is “a drastic increase” that coincides with a more significant number of deaths during the last week. We know that 48% more people lost their lives due to the virus in the United States compared to the previous week. A week ago, that figure was 50%, which means the Delta variant is driving nonstop. 

However, the doctor and main adviser of the Government, Anthony Fauci, gave before the Senate encouraging data. Compared to the variant, vaccines are still more than 90% effective in preventing hospitalizations and deaths from Covid-19. 

The problem is that. A large section of the American population does not want to get a vaccination. It has become a problem. The CDC data confirms that the percentage of new Covid-19 cases due to the Delta variant is higher than 83% in areas with lower vaccination rates. 

Walensky that lamented it was most disheartening that they could prevent most of these deaths with a simple vaccine, which is safe and readily available. The previous week had an average of 239 daily deaths in the country. 

The CDC director recalled that they had vaccinated less than 40% of residents “in almost two-thirds of the counties” in the United States. It allows the rapid expansion of the Delta variant.

That refusal to protect itself from Covid-19 with immunizing drugs led Walensky to warn the country. As per the warning that the country suffers from a “pandemic of unvaccinated people.” 99% of deaths from the virus registered in recent weeks occurred in non-immunized people.

The Delta Variant Accounts In The United States For 83%
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