YouTube Updated Version Changed Their Interface

YouTube Updated Version Changed Their Interface

For many years we can enjoy all the content of YouTube on our mobile. The platform does not take as long between us as we can think, much less being as popular as it is now. At this moment, turning to YouTube is something we do in our daily lives. We can see from news of all kinds, to celebrity direct, documentaries, or videos of our interest. It is certainly one of the best platforms for viewing content, but it has not always had an interface as worked up as it is now. Today we saw a new YouTube update that left us with important news.

For some time, the YouTube interface was maintained, seeing certain minor changes every now and then. The truth is, that it is a pretty good interface, yet very well placed, and the view. It seems that it is time to turn the interface around, and with the new update we can see it.

A different interface thanks to the new YouTube update

It seems that Google has gotten tired of the previous interface, with the sections at the top and the red color on much of the screen . The new update leaves us with a much simpler interface, clean and where white predominates. Now in case we do not see the red color anywhere, only in some details of icons, or notifications counters.

YouTube Updated Version Changed Their Interface

The main tabs go to be in the bottom, where we can differentiate 5 tabs: Home, Trends, Subscriptions , Shared and Library. They are the same ones that we had in the old interface, only that they have changed of site and color. It is no longer possible to navigate between them with scroll, so we will have to click on each one to enter.

At the top of the application we have a magnifying glass for the search of videos, our profile, and a camera that allows us to make live videos. This upper bar is red, although depending on the users is shown another in white. This should be a bug in updating the servers, and it may soon be solved by unifying a single interface.

If the new interface is better or worse you will have to decide, but it seems that YouTube has wanted to implement something more professional, and not so much design in its application.

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