Xiaomi Mi 6 High-End Smartphone Introducing Split Screen Feature

A few weeks ago we saw how Xiaomi introduced the new Xiaomi Mi6. This is one of the most interesting phones of the moment, as it has high-end specifications, an incredible design and a price that is really attractive. At the moment we can buy it for just over 342 dollars, although it is clear that the guarantee will not be easy to process if we need it. Even so, we are facing one of the most interesting devices on the market. Today we have good news for all who buy this device, or have thought to buy it. From today, and thanks to an update, the Xiaomi Mi6 already has split screen.

Since its departure, the Xiaomi Mi6 has Android 7.1.1 Nougat, although it runs MIUI 8 , its personalization layer that must update in the coming months. Xiaomi devices have many functions, although there are some that are deleted by default, and therefore the terminal may have the latest version of Android but not have options in that version. Today we leave you with a good example, which is already beginning to test in a beta version of MIUI 8.

The Xiaomi Mi6 already has split screen without counting MIUI 9

Xiaomi Mi 6 High-End Smartphone Introducing Split Screen Feature

The new version of its layer is expected to be released in August. We do not know the complete list of terminals that will update, although we do know that the Mi6  will be one of the first. At the moment users have to settle for new beta versions of MIUI 8, although this is not as bad as it seems.

The new beta version of MIUI 8 lets all users start using the split screen from the recent applications option. This is one of the functions that did not count the Xiaomi Mi6, but they were ready for when the terminal updated to MIUI 9. To the surprise of all users, they can start using the function, although they should upgrade to a little version Stable of MIUI 8.

Xiaomi Mi 6 High-End Smartphone Introducing Split Screen Feature

Knowing this, we can speculate that in a few days or a couple of weeks Xiaomi officially update its Xiaomi Mi6 to the new version of MIUI 8, with which everyone will be able to use the new split screen function without problem. For those who are hoping to have MIUI 9, tell them to wait at least until August, when the company is expected to release its new version , something that has been doing for several years.

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