WhatsApp Service Again Down When The Application Updated

The WhatsApp service is down again and the application has stopped working for almost everyone. Since the company itself have not been pronounced yet and it is unknown when it will return to its normal state. And is that different users have echoed the news in different social networks, spreading the problem for the rest of the World Wide Web.

As we can see from the WhatsApp hashtag on Twitter, the fall has been suffered in most of the world, the USA not being the only affected country.

WhatsApp falls (again)

WhatsApp Service Again Down When The Application Updated ebuddynews

In the last year, it has been seen how the WhatsApp service has fallen on several occasions. We already saw it in the respective articles in ebuddynews and today we have suffered a new fall. As on previous occasions, it is expected that the service will be restored in the next few hours. However, as happened last time, it is possible that the Instagram service will fall contiguously due to the fact that both services remain connected since the purchase by Facebook.

In case you need to maintain contact with a specific person, we recommend installing Telegram for these cases. The application of Pavel Durov shows a more stable operation and offers more possibilities than that of Mark Zuckerberg. Also, servers are expected to saturate again in the Christmas period – as is customary in the WhatsApp application -, so it would be wise to communicate with our loved ones.

While we write these lines, the service remains down in the USA as well as in the rest of the countries. We will inform you again of any change during the next hours. For now, we have to wait.

WhatsApp Service Again Down When The Application Updated ebuddynews


The service has just been restored and WhatsApp already works normally. It is expected that it will be staggered in different parts of the world throughout the next hour.

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