How To Verify The Apk files Are Have Virus Or Free Of Virus

Going installing applications in Apk format is a considerable risk, especially if we do not download those files from 100% reliable pages. Often it is the only option to try some apps since not all of them premiere at the same time in all the places of the world, but that does not mean that it is still insecure. How to verify those files? Today we propose a very simple way.

As a rule in ebuddynews, we usually check the Apk files before recommending them. First, because we try to download the applications from reliable places ( Uptodown, Apk Mirror …), secondly because we check them in case they have traces of malware and viruses. In the event that you wish to do the same, there is a name that you must note in your favorites: Total Virus.

Verify each Apk before installing it on your mobile by sending the file to Virus Total

The antivirus platform now belongs to Google, so it is 100% reliable. It performs an automatic analysis of the files using a database with 59 antivirus. In this way you will remove the fear of any installation: if the analysis with Virus Total tells you that the Apk files are clean of the virus, it means that you can install it with peace of mind. Although yes, monitor the permissions, that privacy is also important.

How To Verify The Apk files Are Have Virus Or Free Of Virus ebuddynews

How to verify the Apk files before installing them? Just follow these steps:

  • Open the Virus Total page, either on your mobile or on a computer.
  • Make sure the tab is in the “File” mode and load the Apk.
  • Upload it with “Analyze” and Virus Total will be responsible for carrying out the analysis.

Virus Total analyzes the data of the Apk with its signature and its hash: if the Apk has already been checked previously, it will give you the data of the last analysis with the results. Depending on the errors you will know if the application is safe or not. Although yes, there may be some false positive, as in the case of the alert “PUP.HighConfidence”: if only one of the 59 antivirus detected something strange, that does not mean that the Apk has a virus.

How To Verify The Apk files Are Have Virus Or Free Of Virus ebuddynews

Do not trust the Google Play Store applications that are called “Total Virus”

The check service of Apk files and webs does not have an application, it is only accessed through the web. All the applications you see on Google Play are from developers outside of Virus Total and, in general, involve a risk in themselves. We recommend that you verify your applications only with the web service.

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