Here Some Tips To Overcome From Smartphone Camera problems

Here Some Tips To Overcome From Smartphone Camera problems

There are times when we have various problems with some components of our smartphones, and one of the least we can do without the camera today. Did he fail you lately? Do not fear: Free Android will help you.

That your mobile starts to fail, is something that  annoys a lot. At least to me, since I have not spent X hundreds of euros so now my phone starts to do what I want without me having done anything. There are components in our Android that do not cause much drama if they start to give problems, such as  NFC, or Bluetooth. But at a time when social networks increasingly invade our lives and multimedia is so prominent, what we can not miss is  the camera.

Many times I see (and suffer) cases in which the camera … because it does not work. Either it does not connect,  or it does not focus,  or the colors are distorted … You’d be surprised how many factors can cause a camera to fail at any given time. Of course we can not forget  about hardware failures. That is, in slang: the camera has “petado.” But if fortunately is not the case, we give you some very useful tips to “revive” that little square back that makes such good photos.

Do you have a custom ROM?

Here Some Tips To Overcome From Smartphone Camera problems

You can not imagine the people I know who might be considered “normal” Android users  and have a personalized ROM  on your phone. What is this about? To an outdated phone, with a layer of personalization null and that either they or an acquaintance has done them the favor  of reviving it. It is not common, but it occurs many more times than it seems. And we know that custom ROMs and cameras,  do not get  too well. I explain.

One of the most classic problems we have when trying a custom ROM are the compatibilities with the generally multimedia drivers. Problems with the camera, with the video playback … And although it is something that is usually explained in the post where they are published that normally a ROM in the early phase can give problems, there are people  who are passed and thinks that everything will go well. Especially  in high ranges.

One tip is, first, to determine if ROM  really  is needed. When installing one we usually lose advantages or features that are in the stock ROM, and although there are layers of personalization quite  harmful  to the view of the human being, it may compensate you more to stay in the original. Especially if you usually use the camera intensively. Or if not, you can wait for a system update to resolve the error.

I do not have a ROM, what’s up?

Before proceeding, it should be clarified that these tips are alternatives in case the problem is  software  and not hardware. Otherwise, if you have a camera failure by this way, I suggest that you contact your technical service and repair it as soon as possible.

Here Some Tips To Overcome From Smartphone Camera problems

That said, let’s continue. Depending on the problem, the solution  can vary  in many different ways. For example, there are times that several failures occur  natively  on some devices, such as the red screen on some Galaxy S8 or focus faults on more unknown brands like Elephone or Ulephone. In any case, first of all you must investigate if this failure occurs  in more models  and if so, expect a solution from the manufacturer.

And more than the model, it can be based on an aspect of the device software  itself. A bug in the firmware, some bugs that occur in such a version of such a layer of customization … We can not forget large devices that left the factory  with more bugs  than system, such as the  OnePlus One.

In these cases, you have two possible options: try installing  a custom ROM  (ironic, right?) To confirm that it is a failure of the ROM stock or the device itself, or wait for  an update  by the manufacturer to solve the problem . In this aspect depends very much  the seriousness  of the problem that you have.

Well, the problem is not too fat, it does not focus, it takes time to process …

Here Some Tips To Overcome From Smartphone Camera problems

For these cases, fortunately there are usually several possible solutions. One is that the camera app  is the cause. Many Chinese layers incorporate outdated or erroneous versions of camera apps from past generations, and are often a fiasco at both interface and optimization levels. This is often done in low-level Asian terminals or phones with a null sense of performance.

How do you fix this? Well, the first step would be to  change the camera app  to another available in the Google Play Store. It would not be the first time that I see a terminal with specifications out of level and that the camera does not work for a camera  app  similar to the one of Gingerbread and is arranged changing it said app. If you see that you continue to give that problem, let’s move on to the next option.

Review  the camera application options  . In lower ranges there are cases that the camera is configured by default in  standard options  for any user that may not be the best for you. Explore well the options and step by step try to think  what steps you have taken, just  in case you have been the cause of fiddling with the manual mode or the various modes that exist in some camera applications.

If none of these options work, it is best to take your terminal to the service.

Bonus track: blessed oversights

Here Some Tips To Overcome From Smartphone Camera problems

Forgive me for the following expression, but this point to many will seem like  a crap. And I firmly promise that I have seen this  , and resolved  a worryingly high number of times. Because there is nothing more fun than carelessness taken to the extreme, and more of the hand of oneself.

A few weeks ago, the friend who has the HTC 10 that I commented in another article  spoke to me about WhatsApp worried, claiming that his camera caused a red tint in all the photos. I did not want to spend money on another phone, since I already told you that he loved his HTC 10, and we stayed. I checked the camera app,  I took pictures with the mobile phone  and in fact, there was that strange red effect that annoyed the photo. At the third,  I laughed.

Then I went to remove  the red case that had  the HTC 10, and I took a photo. Strangely, it did not have that red hue that  the same cover  gave to the snapshots. We laughed, but then we talked and was quite surprised when I told him  it was not the first time  I saw a similar case. If you do not discard any option, I recommend that if you have a rare shine in the photos, check your covers. They can cause some unexpected ills.

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