Start Google Assistant With A Different Virtual Button

Start Google Assistant With A Different Virtual Button - ebuddynews

This week we had a problem in our OnePlus 5T that we did not expect, but we have solved very quickly. It’s about starting Google Assistant when you activate the navigation gestures on an Android mobile. The Google assistant is activated by keeping the home or home button, but if this button disappears to make way for gestures, it can become tedious to find the key. Some customization layers solve this problem, but others like OnePlus do not. If you are in this situation, today you can put a patch until the companies leave us with a gesture to start the assistant.

Another way to activate Google Assistant can be with the voice, but it can not always be done for different reasons. If at this moment you are not using the navigation gestures in a OnePlus or any other mobile, for this reason, today you can start doing it. You do not need more than a few seconds and Internet access.

Download the Google Assistant Application To Have Your Icon

Start Google Assistant With A Different Virtual Button - ebuddynews

Google Assistant comes by default on most mobile phones, and there is no icon application that we can use. It is an integrated service on Android that is activated when you press long on the home button. It is good direct access, but in some layers, with gestures, the thing can be complicated. If you have found yourself in this situation, today we recommend that you download Google Assistant from Google Play. Yes, the assistant has an application in the store and can be downloaded in just one or two seconds, since it weighs almost nothing. We will not have hardly changes, but a new icon will be included in our mobile.

This icon is from Google Assistant and will allow us to start the assistant without having to click on the home button. If this icon is placed on the main page of our launcher, it will be very easy to start it. It will open in the same way, and we can interact with it as always.

Although it is not the best option and occupies a space in our launcher, it is one of the few options that we have to start the wizard if we use the gestures available in some customization layers. You will not have problems, since it is the official Google Assistant application and not a third-party method that can fail or consume battery.

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