Simple Trick To Listen Music From YouTube With Screen Off Without Root

Simple Trick To Listen Music From YouTube With Screen Off Without Root

Surely it has happened to you that you wanted to listen to music from YouTube with your mobile and when the screen was turned off, the sound stopped. Well with this simple trick that does not need root you will forget about this problem.

You get to do anything; Study, work … And you  need music. And the problem is that you’ve always been on YouTube, you need a playlist of your own. You open the application on your mobile and you listen. Problem:  you turn off the screen  and stop the video. And yes, it’s annoying to have the application open to work, so you move to another way of listening to music, even if it bothers you. How to solve this problem?

Well thanks to sites as necessary on the internet as ebuddynews we have discovered  a simple trick  with which you can play YouTube videos with your mobile screen  turned off. The only drawback of this method is that you will need almost obligatory  helmets  with integrated buttons. What do I mean? Now you will see.

Play YouTube videos with your blocked Android

Simple Trick To Listen Music From YouTube With Screen Off Without Root

While it is true that there are other ways to play music more easily, it is not the first time that I see someone  obligatorily turn  to YouTube to listen to songs or videos that otherwise would be impossible to hear. This trick has been successfully tested with Apple Earpods, Samsung headsets and personal headsets with Sony MDR-XB450ap.

The trick is simple: you must use the buttons dedicated to the playback (play, pause …) of your helmets  to play  the video. Surely with clear steps is clear:

  • Play a video on YouTube, making sure you’ve passed the appropriate ad.
  • Press the lock button on your device.
  • Connect some helmets with play buttons like the ones already mentioned, or some that are compatible.
  • Hit “Play” with your helmets, and  voila! The video in question will be played with the screen off.

This trick has been tested on two different Android phones and with two pairs of different helmets, and with all these  has worked.

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