Save Battery On Android Smartphones with Using Battery Saver Mode

Save Battery On Android Smartphones with Using Battery Saver Mode

Knowing how to save battery in Android is one of the headaches of millions of users. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mobiles that are not able to reach the end of the day, and therefore users put all their efforts in doing everything possible to save battery. But … How much battery is actually saved? Is not it better to buy a cell phone with which you do not have to be doing tricks to get to the day?

Today, we’re going to tell you why you should not try to save battery on Android, and we say try because most of the things you try to do to save battery do not save anything, so let’s get things straight.

Save battery on Android, the story is not over

You think you save, but you do not save

Save Battery On Android Smartphones with Using Battery Saver Mode

Use Greenify, close multitasking apps, put black wallpapers on your AMOLED mobile. We have been sold the bike with applications and actions that promise to save battery, but that, in my personal experience, have not served anything. Without going further, the famous story of black backgrounds and AMOLED screens.

What do you want to put the menus in black for? How much time do you spend on the menus, 30 seconds a day? I have come to see mobiles that practically were seen in black and white, in order to save battery. At the end of the day, like a lot, you may have won a half hour of screen. Is it worth shrouding your phone to earn half an hour?

As much as we do not want to admit it, the battery of our phone is the one that is , and a mobile that 3h of screen does not do 6h of screen for more than you change the ROM, the Kernel and you sell your soul to the devil. Also, many of the things you do get to spend more battery than they save , such as downloading apps to monitor the battery, which cause you to end up using more the phone to see if you have spent the battery, which is why you are spending more battery.

Buy a mobile with a good battery, end the problem

Save Battery On Android Smartphones with Using Battery Saver Mode

If you are one of those who have a cell of 800 euros and capped to the maximum as long as it lasts the whole day, you should consider that, perhaps, yours is a terminal more affordable and good battery . In firms like Xiaomi, we have the clear example that for a little money you can have a mobile with a spectacular battery.

In many occasions, we give priority to aspects of the telephone that we do not end up taking advantage of . However, the battery is something that affects us all, and it is of little use to have the mobile with the best camera or the best design if it is not able to withstand an intense day of use. That is why when you go to make the purchase of your next phone, you should keep in mind if you are going to really enjoy it, or if you will be more concerned about the battery you spend.

A mobile should be able to be used as it comes from the factory

Save Battery On Android Smartphones with Using Battery Saver Mode

Yes, it is true that in Android we have more freedom than in other operating systems to do what we please, however, it is quite sad to have to modify our smartphone just take it out of the box so it does not waste battery . I used to, until I got tired and realized that the healthiest thing is to use the phone as it comes, and stop worrying about what you spend or do not spend.

I already told you that I removed even the percentage of battery, and this changed my life . Smartphones are an essential tool in our life, but they are also something that we should enjoy, and being pending all day of a little device that, whatever you do, do not stop going down, it is not a good thing.

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