Samsung Announced The Date Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone

Samsung Announced The Date Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone

We are witnessing during the last weeks of the various rumors that are poured on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The possible double camera that will mount  or the surprises that brings the new processor of this are some of them. Today, however, has filtered the data that most interest may have among potential buyers: the possible date of departure of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Recall that the reconditioned model of Galaxy Note 7, the famous 7R, will be presented on July 7, so it is likely that Note 8 will be prayed not to be obscured in sales by its namesake “explosive”.

August, month preferred by South Koreans

If we recall a year ago, August was the month chosen by Samsung to introduce the failed Galaxy Note 7. Specifically, on August 19, being canceled just two months after the various problems with the battery. Since then, the South Korean manufacturer has paid special attention to the batteries, so the happy problem could already be resolved for several months and said the model would not suffer  delays the Galaxy S8. Also, the previous model of the Note range – the Galaxy Note 5 – was also introduced in August.

Samsung Announced The Date Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone

It is also worth mentioning that the presentation of the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus and the Berlin IFA plant are in September, so presenting the phone a month earlier would undermine the sales of the terminals presented during the following month, on All from Apple smartphones. This would mean a smart move by Samsung and a hard blow to the bite apple, although it would be necessary to see if the users of the brand return to trust the company after what happened with the Galaxy Note 7.

Because of the aforementioned and because Samsung needs to take away the stigma of the rugged Note range, we are likely to end up watching the Galaxy Note 8 in mid- August, failing to receive official confirmation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Video

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