OnePlus 5 Smartphone With The Leaked Features

OnePlus 5 Smartphone With The Leaked Features

After many leaks and rumors we have the first image that confirms the design of the new OnePlus 5 smartphone and yes, it looks a lot like the iPhone 7 Plus.

We have been waiting for many months to launch the new OnePlus model. We have cleared the leaks, supposed characteristics and so-called design but for the first time we see it, or at least part of it, clearly.

Android Police has had access to an image that shows what will be the top of the terminal, both ahead and behind, and has reminded us enough the iPhone 7 Plus.

Double rear horizontal camera

Although some previous images spoke of a camera placed in vertical in the image we can see that the position of the elements, sensors and flash, is horizontal, although we do not know in a sure way how that double camera will work.

OnePlus 5 Smartphone With The Leaked Features

The round flash next to the camera is also similar to Apple and other models we have shown recently in the blog, such as the new Gionee.

In addition to this image we only have confirmation of the date of presentation as we told you yesterday, June 20, and that the processor chosen will be the Snapdragon 835 as announced by the company itself.

Next to that image we have another one that does not come from the same source but that coincides in the design, showing the four buttons (on, two volume and the alert slider) and the hole for the jack connector 3.5 mm at the bottom.

This however contradicts previous information but as we say this second image does not have as much credibility as the first.

Design less iconic than its predecessors

OnePlus 5 Smartphone With The Leaked Features

Although the Android Police image gives us confidence we can not confirm that the new OnePlus 5 smartphone is this. If it were so it seems that the aesthetics of this terminal, more or less own, will be diluted and will end up resembling quite a few other models in the market.

We have commented its similarity with the iPhone 7 Plus but it is certain that it is not the first nor will it be the last to resemble. This is not something positive or negative, simply a change in what we have seen so far.

Will we see a Purple OnePlus 5 smartphone?

OnePlus 5 Smartphone With The Leaked Features

On the other hand, Android Headlines has published a rendering that shows the same design. The only difference is the color: a dark purple instead of that typical black.

It may be an edition with more Photoshop, there is no proof that OnePlus will use that color. Although you would like to see a OnePlus 5 smartphone in that color?

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