OnePlus 5 Smartphone Doesn’t Have Any Screen Problem They Said

OnePlus 5 Smartphone Doesn't Have Any Screen Problem They Said

A couple of days ago we told you how some users with a OnePlus 5 had detected a malfunction of the screen on their devices. From the OnePlus One the company has problems with the displays, whether in the visualization, or by the colors of emitted. This year was not going to be less, and a few days after its presentation, videos with defective screens flooded many Internet forums. Normally all devices have some kind of problem when they are launched, and in this case the OnePlus 5 screen saw a playback failure when scrolling in certain applications or parts of the interface.

It must be said that it is not something that happens on all devices, and it can also be something that your device experiences more or less than others, so you can count on this “failure” and not realize in a long time. If you ask yourself why we have quoted the word bug, if you keep reading, you will know why.

The OnePlus 5 screen has no flaws

OnePlus 5 Smartphone Doesn't Have Any Screen Problem They Said

After hundreds of users flooded the network with videos and experiences with the screen of their device , the company has finally spoken. It has done through XDA , one of the portals where the controversy of the screen appeared.

In that response to users, the company claims that the device screen is perfectly, and that this effect is not a problem in the device. This is hard to believe, especially if you see some videos where the scroll shows a very pronounced ghosting effect. In addition, OnePlus claims that it uses quality components, and that there is no difference in the screens of any OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 5 Smartphone Doesn't Have Any Screen Problem They Said

This lets us know that there will be no update that corrects this, nor will changes be accepted by having this effect on the screen. We recommend that if it is too annoying, and you can not live with it, return the device , since a little more than a week you bought it, and you still have a return period by law. If on the contrary you have not noticed anything, we recommend that you do not pay too much attention to this subject to not suggest you.

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