OnePlus 5 Smartphone Doesn’t Have Any Interest In Mobile Data Leaks

OnePlus 5 Smartphone Doesn't Have Any Interest In Mobile Data Leaks

One of the most anticipated mobiles of the year is none other than the OnePlus 5. In a report we have known interesting data about the terminal that we have confirmed that many of the leaks were true, but not valid.

All OnePlus 5 filtered designs were true and lie at a time

It seems that until the last mobile of OnePlus arrives at us it will not be a day without we know news about the company. Today we see how ebuddynews has published an interesting report on OnePlus in their quest to get the best mobile camera.

No doubt this is a video and a very recommendable article (you have it in the source) but we are going to stop in a detail that we have found very interesting. At one point they have shown an image that has been quite familiar to us.

OnePlus 5 Smartphone Doesn't Have Any Interest In Mobile Data Leaks

In that image we find several terminals of OnePlus. No, they are not all that will go on sale, but prototypes that have been created by the brand in their search for the ideal design. Surely more than one you are familiar, and is that we find models that were filtered in the past , but in the end have not passed the initial phase of the project.

Why is this interesting? Well, thanks to these leaks it is confirmed that the filtered designs were actually leaks, not prototypes created by third parties. If in the moments that were filtered it was going to be the final design or purposely filtered discarded designs is something that only the filterer will know.

The double camera, from Apple to Huawei and back to Apple

However, although tomorrow we will know all the data officially, many of the final details are already being revealed by pages that already have the product in their hands, so all information we receive could be considered as truthful. But during the last months the truth is that that was not so.

OnePlus 5 Smartphone Doesn't Have Any Interest In Mobile Data Leaks

The OnePlus 5 camera is another of the elements we’ve seen varying over and over again . When added in the first moments we assumed that they would bet on a dual camera configuration similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, shortly after starting to receive information that the bet would be more related to a Huawei-style configuration. That is to say, a normal sensor and a monochrome one that helps to capture more light.

What happened in the end? OnePlus has decided to bet on the style of Apple, but not with the same sensors. On the one hand we have a main camera of 16MP with f/1.7. The second sensor is 20MP with f/2.6, both signed by Sony. The second image gives us an optical zoom, and the one already known by many “portrait mode”, which is what they consider more important in OnePlus by their clients.

The Hype: That double-edged sword

We can not affirm or deny that leaks are an additional marketing strategy (although everything seems to point to yes). Traditionally, the leaks close to the pitches, but the truth is that it is not normal that there are so many dash turns in them.

OnePlus 5 Smartphone Doesn't Have Any Interest In Mobile Data Leaks

The OnePlus 5 leaks game ends today (basically tomorrow everything will be official) but the IFA Berlin is approaching . The rumors of the Galaxy Note 8 are already beginning to appear, and possibly we will start to see more leaks of Google Pixel 2 and this year’s iPhone (said to have a tenth anniversary edition).

In the end, not all the rumors and leaks are bad, but the truth is that these days of today rather than keep up with expectation hurt the final product . I’m sure that the OnePlus 5 did not have as many detractors to maintain the design that we will see tomorrow, but without having fused to leaks.

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