Now You Can Search Job With Google For Job From Your Place

Now You Can Search Job With Google For Job From Your Place

Google has today activated job searches using location and its artificial intelligence system. That yes: only in the United States.

Google is going to be a search engine capable of finding anything. A store, a photo of which only had a few tracks, an Android application, a job … Yes, Google now also offers available jobs near your location. Simply and without using anything other than the browser integrated in your Android.

This new quality of Google Search is available through the web and also on Android devices. You only need to enter search keywords, such as “close jobs”, for example. The search engine will use the location and will search your database using Google Cloud Jobs and artificial intelligence: the results obtained will be the door to the job improvement.

Google will get the data of the employment portals

Now You Can Search Job With Google For Job From Your Place

LinkedIn, Monster, Facebook … The results shown will be obtained based on the current job offer near the location. Google will increase the sources as the service is used. And this will be a complement to all the offer of options that offers automatically with each search.

This new option for nearby jobs was already announced in the previous Google I/O, but it has not been so far when the company has implemented it. The results will go around our skills: Google will learn from our profile and searches to offer us just the job we wanted. We can even refine the searches using the labels that will appear on the screen.

To access the new option you only have to search for “close jobs” or “I’m looking for a job”, for example: the search engine will learn from different terms to deliver results in line with expectations. Will make use of the new Api Google Cloud Jobs. And, unfortunately, we do not know if it will expand beyond the United States. If we do, we do not know when we can see it in our search engines.

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