Now You Can Also Find Free WiFi With The Facebook Application

Now You Can Also Find Free WiFi With The Facebook Application

Facebook application continues with its dynamic of offering multiple functionalities within its mobile application, something that no doubt is aimed at turning it into an application for everything in the purest WeChat style. Among some of these functions we find for example with mobile payments, which are possible in Facebook Messenger, but for the moment only in the United States.

But today we are going to focus on another novelty that has just landed for users around the world: the option to locate Wi-Fi networks available around us. While it is true that there are many applications that offer us this function, having it incorporated into a daily use app is very interesting. Let’s see how the new Facebook application tool works.

Wi-Fi networks but only if they have Facebook page

As we say, the new Facebook function is integrated within the application itself, so in order to use it we will have to run it. Click on the icon of the three horizontal stripes located at the bottom right and inside the ‘explore’ section, we will look for the option ‘search Wi-Fi’.

Now You Can Also Find Free WiFi With The Facebook Application

When you access it we will see that an interactive map is opened with our location and below it, a listing with the locations where we find Wi-Fi networks available. We will see that we only have one location, but rest assured, is that the listing is not shown in vertical, but left to right, so we will have to slide with your finger to appear all the options.

Once we choose a specific location we will have two actions available, and the first one is where we find the key to why Facebook has decided to give this service. And is that we can access the Facebook page of the establishment in question so that those who do not have a page in the social network are outside the list. The other option opens Google Maps and gives us the directions to get there.

Is it a useful tool? As a tool to use yes, the operation is simple and basic but if you really need to make use of a Wi-Fi network we do not recommend it, because it closes the spectrum of networks available by showing only those with Facebook page.

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