New Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Smartphone will be Coming Soon

New Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Smartphone will be Coming Soon

Having a big and cheap mobile is possible, and Xiaomi has it clear. Last year, they had a great success with the Xiaomi Mi Max, a kind of Xiaomi Redmi who decided to hit the lug. This year, they have decided to go ahead with this concept, and the renovation, as it could not be otherwise, will be the Xiaomi Mi Max 2.

If last year already had good specifications, the Mi Max 2 this year will leave you with your mouth open. Best of all, there is very little left to be presented, in a big event with several personalities invited.

This is the presentation date of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2

The 25th of this month has been chosen by Xiaomi to present his Mi Max 2. Everything indicates that they will make a great event with Chinese personalities as assistants, so it is a mobile with good forecasts of sale. As we read in ebuddynews, the specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 will be a real wonder.

New Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Smartphone will be Coming Soon

Specifically, we are talking about a 5000mAh battery, a screen more than 6.4 inches and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 processor. It could come with 4GB of RAM and 32 or 64GB of internal memory. Of which there is no doubt that it will be a very economical device, and possibly the best phablet in terms of price.

We know that you are waiting for this terminal to be launched, as it will be a gigantic, low-priced wonder. For the moment, just wait until the 25th and see how the event unfolds.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Smartphone First Look

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