New Updated Version Of Pokémon Go Arrived With New Battles And Systems Of Gyms

In its launch, Pokémon Go had an incredible success, with record of downloads and players per day. Unfortunately, although it was very successful, the game has been gradually declining. Pokémon Go was not what we expected. Therefore, at Nintendo have tried to please users by updating and adding new improvements and new features. Today, we have the news of an imminent update of Pokémon Go that would bring really interesting news.

Even so, the game could not keep up and Nintendo, looking for solutions, announced the arrival of new features that would be what we all expected. A few hours ago, we have seen gyms cease to work, and to our surprise, they will come back with a complete restructuring of the gyms’ gameplay. In addition, according to confirmations, we will finally have a new cooperative mode.

Pokémon Go update brings new changes in gyms

As a most notable feature, now we will not be able to leave our Pokémon in the gym , be a leader and forget about it. In the new gyms, we will have six spaces available for our Pokémon to participate, although we can only use one.

New Updated Version Of Pokémon Go Arrived With New Battles And Systems Of Gyms

In this way, now we will have to fight, starting with the one that has been the longest in these six holes. Thus, there will be more users in the gym and therefore, more competition. In addition, our Pokémon will need some care . If before we proclaimed ourselves leaders and left our Pokémon to lead the gym, now we will have to feed and encourage him to remain motivated and energized. Likewise, by taking care of them, we will gain stellar dust.

A new improvement over gyms is that they will become poképaradas . In this way, users who have the far stops, would have a 2 × 1 when arriving at a gym to defend their position or achieve a new one.

Niantic does not forget cooperative battles

In this way, the company would have responded to the demands of its users and would bring us a highly anticipated feature. Since the arrival of the new update, we can have incredible battles in the same gyms. Together with our team we can fight against a very powerful Pokémon.

These battles would be announced through an accountant above the gym in question, with a large egg. In it, we can fight the Pokémon until the timer runs out. In order to access these battles we will need a Raid Pass , which we can get one per day in different gyms.

New Updated Version Of Pokémon Go Arrived With New Battles And Systems Of Gyms

In case of not catching it and defeating the powerful Pokémon, we will have rewards and gifts , which would include from Golden Razz Berries to technical machines that help us exchange the attacks of a Pokémon.

Along with these fights, Niantic will surely create new events in which we will have to fight with legendary Pokémon so that in addition to being able to capture it, we would gain even more rewards and gifts. These events would reward the most active users, says Niantic.

Finally, this new update of Pokémon Go hopefully finally keep a number of users active in the game and that content to those who still did not convince them this new way of seeing Pokémon. With these new changes, the company will ensure that users have a greater range of possibilities and a better combat platform.

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