New Bluboo S8 High-End Smartphone Will Be Launched On Next Month

The Chinese market is in one of its best moments. Purchases through import stores are growing more and more, and both the designs and the features of the devices are seeing very substantial improvements. Today we can see one of the new phones that will launch Bluboo next month. It is expected that the new Bluboo S8 will be launched at the end of July, when it will arrive with a design that reminds us of a high-end smartphone that we can buy in our country. Yes, it is very similar to the Galaxy S8, one of the best terminals of the moment.

Bluboo already has a small bevelled device on the market, which is the Bluboo S1, which we talked about a couple of days ago. It seems that the company wants to bet on this type of designs, launched more devices with the design as main incentive. If you were thinking of buying a smartphone in China, you should expect to know the characteristics of this Bluboo S8 , as it is presented as one of the best bets of the company.

The Bluboo S8 will have a curved and infinite screen

New Bluboo S8 High-End Smartphone Will Be Launched On Next Month

Chinese manufacturers are always trying to launch devices they like in the market, and Bluboo with this design has touched the fiber of all users who can not spend 893 dollars on a mobile. We still do not know the price of this Bluboo S8, but we are sure it will be very attractive to most users.

Among the specifications of the Bluboo S8, we can see a screen with reduced beams of 5.7 inches in HD, a MediaTek Helio X30 processor, 4 or 6 GB of RAM, 64 or 128 GB of internal storage and a Sony dual rear camera. At the moment they are the only details that we can know of this device, although in a few days we will be able to extend the complete list of specifications.

New Bluboo S8 High-End Smartphone Will Be Launched On Next Month

Without a doubt this Bluboo S8 strikes the table, counting on one of the best designs in the entire Chinese market. In addition, it will also have a double camera, so its design will not be the only thing remarkable. Now it only remains to wait for the company to leave us with more information about the device, as well as the price and the date of sale.

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