LG Will Launching Officially LG Q6 Smartphone On This Month

It is common for a mobile manufacturer to cast second swords from its main terminals in the market, brand recognition is important when placing less powerful terminals that inherit key features such as photo power or design. It seems that LG is willing to do the same with its LG G6 and that the terminal will be known as LG Q6, although we have always referred to it as LG G6 Mini.

The strange thing about the choice of this name is that the LG Q6 already exists since last year, is the name that the Korean manufacturer chose to rename its LG K7 when landing in some selected countries of South America and now, according to the leaks, Seems to reuse it for the less powerful partner of the LG G6. We will see what happens finally on July 11 , when it will be presented in Poland, with this terminal we already know some specifications.

This would be the LG G6 Mini or LG Q6

Since the younger siblings usually share certain characteristics with their older siblings, the squires in telephony do the same. In the case of the LG G6 Mini everything points to that it will carry a screen of 5.4 inches IPS LCD and with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 . You will notice that the resolution corresponds to a phone of 18: 9 or 2: 1, identical look to that of the LG G6 with hardly any frames and, as a gift, 596 pixels per inch for a super mid-range or premium mid-range.

LG Will Launching Officially LG Q6 Smartphone On This Month

Unfortunately, nothing is still known about the processor. The Snapdragon 660 rumored to be rumored but so far we only know, or believe we know, that it will be a processor signed by Qualcomm and that it will have eight cores . On the memories there is more data, such as the 3GB of RAM that will carry or you will have two internal memory options: 32GB and 64GB plus the microSD card.

Going down has its sacrifices and in this case we notice the lack of a second camera in the back of the future LG G6 Mini or LG Q6. The terminal would land only with 13 megapixels with f/1.8 aperture, PDAF focus and dual LED flash. According to some information, this sensor could be the Sony IMX258 but there is also no reliable confirmation about this.

Being a smaller terminal, it is also expected a reduction of the battery in the LG G6 was 3,300 mAh. Yes we know it will have fast charging and you will apparently enjoy wireless charging, although with the LG G6 the manufacturer slashed its specifications and wireless charging did not reach all regions. We will see what happens with this future LG G6 or LG Q6.

LG G6 Mini or LG Q6, possible specifications

  • SCREEN                                        5.4 inch IPS LCD 2160 x 1080 or 596 pixels per inch
  • PROCESSOR                                Qualcomm Octa-core
  • RAM                                                3GB
  • INTERNAL MEMORY                32GB / 64GB + microSD
  • REAR CAMERA                          13 megapixels f / 1.8 with dual LED flash
  • FRONTAL CAMERA                  5 megapixels
  • BATTERY                                      Fast charge
  • OTHERS                                        Dust and water protection Fingerprint reader and NFC

LG Will Launching Officially LG Q6 Smartphone On This Month

Waiting for your presentation

As we discussed at the beginning of this article, the presentation of the LG Q6 is expected for next July 11. At the moment they have sent invitations to part of the press of Poland referring to a LG BarbeQ that is associated with the future companion of LG G6 in the market. We will be attentive to any information that arrives from here to that day.

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