Lawnchair Launcher a New Vitaminized Pixel Launcher For Smartphones

Lawnchair Launcher a New Vitaminized Pixel Launcher For Smartphones

Where Google does not arrive, or do not want to reach, it does the Android community. And thanks to them today we bring you the Pixel Launcher for everyone. Let’s start!

We know there are other ways to have Pixel Launcher on our device, but the work of Till Kottmann could not go unnoticed. What has this developer done?

Starting from the base of the AOSP stock launcher has created an accurate and vitaminized reproduction of Pixel Launcher. Highlighting the absence of needing root for use and the inclusion of Google Now.

Welcome to Lawnchair

That is the name under which our protagonist hides. A launcher that, beyond copying the look and options of the original Pixel Launcher, has added a few options that make it even more interesting.

  • Use of icon pack.
  • Application drawer opacity settings.
  • Selection of grid size and size of icons.
  • Enable / Disable the new Google Search button.
  • Gestures and personalization of actions.

Lawnchair Launcher a New Vitaminized Pixel Launcher For Smartphones

If you are one of those who were happy to have Pixel Launcher, but missed some details, now you have the best interface. Thanks to the additions of our protagonist may have been heard your pleas.

Another option that gives us is to be able to “hide” applications , so we can hide applications that we have repeated or do not want anyone to see. All this without forgetting that, when sliding from the left, we will open the panel of Google Feed  with the information we need.

It is not only this because, in addition to not needing root for use, takes up very little space on our device. So we should not worry about the amount of space occupied as it could happen using other launchers.

Just a little detail

After reading these lines you may run out to find the link to install it. The only detail is that the app is not in the Google Play Store, so after downloading the installer, we must activate the unknown sources to enjoy this great launcher.

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