The Latest Version Of Telegram 4.0 App with New Features

The Latest Version Of Telegram 4.0 App with New Features

At no point do we want to disparage other instant messaging applications, let alone. But it must be said that Telegram is doing a great job introducing great new features in its messaging service.

The version Telegram 4.0 is falling and how could it be otherwise, here we will discuss the great innovations that come with it. Stay tuned because they are very helpful and sure to leave you amazed.

Telegram 4.0, its great novelties

Payments arrive at Telegram

The payments Telegram are closer than ever, but if we can prove already. We have already done it and the truth is that it is a very easy process, fast and comfortable, we will only have to press few times to make such payment.

To test the payments in Telegram we will only have to invoke the bot @shopbot, once it starts, he himself will give you a series of indications that will give way to a kind of simulation of a payment. As we see in the image, it gives us a series of options that we can mark if we want, after entering the required data, we will give to Send Invoice and the payment will be made.

Video messages

Let’s start with the beginning, the messages in video format. Many users asked for this new feature, and is that it is very fun at the same time as simple. To send a video message only we must hold down the icon of the camera , once we release it will send the message, a use completely the same as the voice notes.

The Latest Version Of Telegram 4.0 App with New Features

Another feature of these messages is that we can navigate the chats without having to close the video message, because it will remain as if it were a bubble. So if we want the other person to perfectly understand what tone we are talking about, we can send you a video in the form of a message.


The other news is also aimed at videos, especially for those people who have a lot of fans. It is called a telescope, and with it you can make a closer and intimate video with your followers.

With this new feature we can make videos of up to 1 minute in length , but the best thing is that we will not need a Telegram account to see them , and yes, you have read well. Each public channel will have a URL and all your messages will be available to everyone, even sharing via Twitter or Facebook if we want.

Instant View, news in a single click

What is this novelty about? With Instant View we will have the possibility to enjoy any article of the media that we want, simply and quickly. This mode supports videos, images or any other media, so we hope that when it is available, you can also read from there.

The pages will be loaded instantly thanks to the cache of the servers, so we can enjoy the best news even slow connections. To promote this, the company itself has made a kind of contest where we can participate to try to get certain pages to be seen in an instant, with the aim of promoting this novelty.

The Latest Version Of Telegram 4.0 App with New FeaturesIn addition to viewing articles in a fleeting way, we can also configure the tones in which we read the news, even sharing from the instant view itself with our friends and acquaintances.

This is all that comes to us with the new version of Telegram, an application that every day I like more personally, in addition to giving more use than on previous occasions.

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