Introducing Wattup First Wireless Remote Charger

Introducing Wattup First Wireless Remote Charger ebuddynews

What we had been waiting for in wireless charging is here: Energous has managed to get the FCC to register the first wireless remote charger model.

Charging our device is such a habitual act that it is almost mechanical. Check that the battery dropped to alarming limits, find a free plug, plug in the charger and then the mobile. Or, who uses wireless charging, just put that phone in the charging tray. Between both methods there are not too many differences since we must always comply with the act of ” loading,” but this seems to change the very short term.

Defining wireless charging should result in being able to charge the devices without the need to place them on any surface if they were close to the transmitter. Well: Wattup, a technology from the American company Energous, has succeeded. That’s right, the first wireless remote charging system for devices is already underway, we’ll see it physically in a few days. And it is not smoke.

Wattup Registers The First Commercial Wireless Remote Charger Model

If you’ve followed the news around wireless charging, you may hear the name of the technology, Wattup. It has been accumulating topicality for a long time precisely because of what it has achieved: charging devices remotely without any cables. We had always raised doubts about her, but not only is it real, but she is also ready to sell herself.

Introducing Wattup First Wireless Remote Charger ebuddynews

The first model of the wireless charger is registered by the American FCC, which means that it is commercially viable and that we will soon be able to enjoy it with our devices. There is still no compatible mobile, but they will surely arrive as the technology matures. Once proven that it works, and can be attached to any device, it is a matter of time to become popular.

The wireless remote charging system registered by the FCC consists of a radiofrequency transmitter that transmits power to compatible receivers that are around 0.91 meters (3 feet). A mobile equipped with Wattup technology could be recharged while on the table if we connect the transmitter to a computer, for example. The best thing is that we can load several devices at once. And the technology aspires to be a standard, so with the same charger, we could charge a Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi … Any manufacturer that wants to join.

Wattup Will Present Commercial Technology At CES 2018

Introducing Wattup First Wireless Remote Charger ebuddynews

We still do not know the specific data and the shippers; it is real since the US certification body has been in charge of registering it. Energous has commented that it will present commercial devices with Wattup, and how wireless charging works at a distance, at the next CES in Las Vegas; to be held between January 9 and 12, 2018, both inclusive.

This is a remarkable advance in technology that, in spite of not needing cables between the charger and the device, does need to be in contact. In this way, we not only gain more freedom, but we can also load almost without realizing it and, on top, fill the battery of mobile phones, tablets, watches … all at once. Paint well.

Wattup Wireless Remote Charger Video

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