Inkwire Is One Of The Best Application To Helping In Sharing Screen From One device To Another

In every family there is a person who stands out for being a lover of technology. Well, that’s my case. I am that ‘savior’ who helps my parents when everything is lost for them. No WiFi? Super-Manu is there to save them.

Of course, doing it in person with them is much easier. You see the device, you see how it responds and you know what to do. Things change when you live miles away. That there are many times I’ve had to blindly help them completely, imagining in my head what the mobile will be showing and telling them where they have to press.

On your computer I have Chrome Remote Desktop installed. This is a Google tool that allows you to remotely control a computer. And with this I fix your computer several times before any problem they have. Because for parents, receiving a notification they do not understand is already total destruction.

The problem came when he had to fix his cell phone. They called me and I blindly had to imagine what his cell phone showed to continue helping them. Sometimes he even made a video call to see his screen. But my salvation finally appeared and is the application that I present today

Inkwire, my salvation helping my parents from America

Inkwire Is One Of The Best Application To Helping In Sharing Screen From One device To Another

I live in America at the moment and my parents are in another province. Which leads to this happening more times than I would like. Or have to help them through a phone call or have to wait for me to go and see them. So this app came in handy.

Inkwire is an application that, although it does not become as complete as I would like, it does comply with what I am looking for almost completely. An application that retransmits the screen of another device in yours in real time. In this way, I can see what they are seeing and I do not have to go asking.

Then comes the problem of telling them where to click. Something the developer has also thought about. When we click on the retransmission, a transmitter appears on the screen. More comfortable a: “Click here”, accompanied by a mark on the screen.

Generate the code, share it and connect

Inkwire Is One Of The Best Application To Helping In Sharing Screen From One device To Another

The use of this application is very simple. As soon as you enter you can do two things: Share or access . In the first case, it will create an access code that we will have to share with the other person. To connect, click on “Access” and enter the code generated previously. The device that shares will have to accept the communication and ready. You’ll see the other screen on your own Android.

To emphasize something that I liked a lot and is that besides showing the pulsations, we can establish a voice call through internet. That is, completely free. To make remote assistance much easier.

The application is completely free and without advertising. It is one of the great developers of the famous custom recovery ClockworkMod. It’s true that we have alternatives like TeamViewer, but I think it’s not as easy to use and intuitive as Inkwire. A much simpler interface that makes starting screen sharing more comfortable.

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