Some Information About Tricks To Keep your External Battery In Perfect Condition

Some Information About Tricks To Keep your External Battery In Perfect Condition

Do you usually use an external battery and want to keep it in perfect condition? We offer you a few tips and tricks to get it.

Batteries, what a cross with them. On the one hand they are essential to maintain the life of our beloved electronic devices; On the other hand are components that do not finish evolving to the pace that technology demands . Why do not smartphones last for several days? There is no solution; Unless you look for a mobile as big as a brick so that it shelters the autonomy necessary to be for several days away from the plug.

What is the most recommended solution? Choose a mobile that suits our conditions of use and, in case we usually stay without a battery or want to secure your life on the road, use an external battery. Who does not have one? They have become the most common accessory.

How to choose the best external battery

When choosing an external battery it is essential to assess one aspect: what capacity do we want? It is usual to point to one that has more than 10 000 mAh, that is why “better worth a big ass”. But it is not advisable to look only at capacity, but at our needs.

Some Information About Tricks To Keep your External Battery In Perfect Condition

How to select the best battery? Follow the steps below.

  • Minimum capacity . Look at your battery’s mAh battery and multiply it by two. That could be considered the minimum capacity for your accessory: to at least charge your smartphone twice.
  • Maximum capacity . Do we need to carry a large battery in the backpack or purse? Surely not, so our advice is not to exceed triple the capacity of your smartphone. That your mobile has 3 000 mAh? You do not need more than 10 000 mAh for the external battery. Unless you get used to frequent travel and do so with various electronic devices.
  • Mark . It is imperative to opt for an external battery that is of quality. Comments from stores like Amazon help; As well as look at brands such as Anker, RAVPower or Xiaomi, among others.
  • Fast loading . The external batteries are generic, so you can charge any device with them that is compatible with a USB cable. Although that yes: if your mobile has fast charge is a good idea to buy an external battery that is compatible with that charge.

Once the battery is chosen, it should be kept as the first day. How? Let’s see.

Tips and tricks for the external battery does not degrade

Some Information About Tricks To Keep your External Battery In Perfect Condition

In general we can apply the same tips to the external battery as to the battery of our smartphone because they are the same and are made with identical components, but the use we make of them is not the same. While an external battery must be kept charged if you have to release power the battery of the mobile phone undergoes a continuous charge/discharge cycle.

Although it could be thought otherwise the battery of the mobile phone suffers less with the continuous charge cycles than the external battery with an occasional charge. And here lies the first mistake: if you do not usually use the accessory it is best to leave it loaded to a maximum of 60%. This will maintain its useful life for much longer.

If you unload the external battery and keep it until you return home remember to charge it as soon as you arrive. If you forget and keep for weeks that battery with a poor load will not only detract from the useful life of the battery, as well as its carrying capacity. It is important to carry the battery cycles from the smartphone to the external one.

Some Information About Tricks To Keep your External Battery In Perfect Condition

External batteries do not usually carry a charging cable or charger, so it is common to use the phone. Check that your charger has an output voltage that matches the input voltage of the external battery.

Do not store the external battery in very hot conditions, especially if it is summer. Continuous heat degrades the capacity of the battery. And, if it is excessive, it can become swollen; Even explode or explode.

Choose an external battery that is used to your usual use

It’s the sensible thing: choose a battery that fits what you do with the devices you plan to charge. And take care according to your use and according to the recommendations : not only will last longer, also avoid any risk.

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