Honor 9 High-End Smartphone Is Arriving To Smartphone World

Honor 9 High-End Smartphone Is Arriving To Smartphone World

After waiting impatiently for his arrival in USA to know its price, we finally have it here. Honor 9 has all the weight of the success of his older brother, Honor 8 and in USA we will be delighted. Today in Berlin, the company has announced availability throughout USA and the price of Honor 9 in all these countries.

Honor 9 has come at a time when the high-end of 2017 is tighter than ever. Likewise, which we will now see, due to its price we will not be able to categorize it in the high range . In any case, and according to the results of its predecessor, we certainly hope that it will become a new model to follow.

Honor 9: design and specifications for a fair price

In the time in which we find ourselves, when we think of a smartphone of the first brands with high specifications, we get by answer a pull of the portfolio . The reality is that smartphones have risen from last year. In Honor, against all odds, have presented a smartphone that brings a view of the market very similar to that of the OnePlus 5.

Honor 9 High-End Smartphone Is Arriving To Smartphone World

In this way, the company has commented on all its specifications – which we already knew since its introduction – although with a small restriction, since in USA we can only get a model with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. Finally, to our surprise, the company has announced that Honor 9 will go on sale for only 511.15 dollars.

With this price ahead and along with all its specifications, Honor 9 would become one of the cheapest smartphones with this level of features. As a very close rival we have the OnePlus 5, which has higher technical specifications, but a slightly higher price. In addition, as we said at the beginning, the company has tried to keep the same price of Honor 8, raising it only 56 dollar.

One of the aspects that this family has had and maintains in this Honor 9 is the design. The Honor 9 has a body made mainly of glass, with a back panel with characteristic reflections and perfect curves. As for design, as we said with Honor 8, at the expense of seeing it in person, it will be one of the prettiest smartphones ever seen.

Regarding availability, it is already available at VMall, where we can buy it for 511.15 and we will get the Huawei Band 3 as a gift of purchase.

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