Google Play Have Some Worthy Free Apps To Use For Android

Google Play Have Some Worthy Free Apps To Use For Android

Google Play fills up with free apps, but very few are worth it. In addition, the strategies of the developers are not always clean.

If you follow the cover of The Free Android you have seen every week a section in which highlight free applications that were previously paid. I underline the “highlight” because I try to sift through the entire offer to offer what is worth downloading. And I usually find repeated comments: even sifting through the various promotions, the highlights are still not very high quality. This is not entirely true, although I do appreciate certain tendencies that I have decided to explain.

Is it easy to find free apps for a limited time? Many, I explained some of the apps I use regularly. There are more methods, like following the Google Play Store, forums like Reddit or particular recommendations. Of course, all offers usually come together in a single conclusion: the top applications, those that are worth it, the apps that you would gladly pay for the originals, will never be put at 0 dollars. Or it will be almost a miracle.

Free applications, one more way to make yourself known

Google Play Have Some Worthy Free Apps To Use For Android

One of the ways of acting that I have been observing is that the developers are using the offers to zero dollars to promote themselves. There is nothing wrong, of course, this is its function: to get a high number of downloads for new users to talk about the app and this to get higher in valuation; Obtaining more sales once the application recovers its price. But there are certain suspicious tactics.

Some of these tactics that I have been observing are the following:

  • Application that was free, is put on payment and happens to be offered at 0 dollars . See in the tab of the Google Play that something is free when it cost money is a direct impulse to the download. Just check what happens in the physical rebates for example; Hence the developers take advantage of the tactic. And with an extra danger: I have detected many apps that use this strategy and also abuse the permissions. Do not be carried away by impulse.
  • Application that drops to 0 dollars in loop . Watching the cycle of applications on offer you end up discovering that there are developers who are aiming to reduce them steadily. This is a disrespect to those who have paid for these apps. Besides a lack of supply itself: you end up feeling that they are always the same.
  • Applications that have not updated for years and take advantage of the pull . This is also usual since, as we said, putting an app at 0 dollars is a very succulent bait. Is it worth downloading an outdated application for more than free? If it is of a tremendous quality I would say yes, but we have already seen that this is scarce in this type of offer.

Google Play Have Some Worthy Free Apps To Use For Android

Are these attitudes that Google should penalize? I do not think so, nor do they suppose a deception for the user beyond that there is a doubtful quality in the proposals. But it seems to me that those who advertise this type of promotions should assess whether it is worth or not to highlight the developers who abuse them. Repeat the same applications week after week? Highlight them just because they are free? I would say no.

Occasionally there are offertones

Although there is some tendency to manipulate the impulse of the discharge, there are applications that deserve to promote this impulse. During the months that we have with this option in Google Play have gone through the offers to zero dollars a good amount of applications “must”. They are counted if we compare them with the bulk of the promotion, but they are still a sample that enshrines its recommendation.

I will continue to dive between offers and also continue to highlight them in their respective articles, but never in the form of listings that have a single relationship: be free. If we do not want to devalue this new format we must demand some quality. Not everything that is free is worth it, especially if it is repeated week after week.

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