Google Play Is Preparing News Updates About Your Favorite Apps

Google Play is one of the most important parts of Android. Thanks to the Google store we can download millions of applications and games to make our device have incredible features. Everything goes through the applications and that is why it is very important to know all the details and news about them. Today we have a very interesting news about Google Play. The Android application store is preparing to have very important news that could leave us with the most important update to date.

At this time the store has many sections from which to view the most appropriate content for our tastes. It leaves us with recommendations according to the games or applications that we have downloaded and much more. Google Play is a good store, but soon it could be even better.

Google Play is preparing to have a news section

Google Play Is Preparing News Updates About Your Favorite Apps ebuddynews

In Google Play there are millions of applications and one, in particular, can be updated automatically on your mobile phone and you do not realize it. This leaves us with novelties that we can not use because we do not know them. Well, Google wants to solve this by implementing a section of news and news about applications. We still do not know very well how it will work, but everything points to that we will see the content of the applications that we have installed in our device.

In this way, we can know all the steps that developers take when updating applications and make sure that the update leaves us with new features that we want to implement. It is still not something that is active, but the application code has already left clues about it.

The audiobooks and the offer of the day could be more news

Google Play Is Preparing News Updates About Your Favorite Apps ebuddynews

We can also see other developments that are not yet active but can be seen by stripping the code. The first is the implementation of audiobooks in the Google Play Books section. Google Play wants to give the opportunity to blind or visually impaired people to listen to their favorite books, although we still do not know the arrival date and how it will be implemented.

But without doubt one of the most interesting things we can see in the new Google Play code, is the possible arrival of a daily offer. A while ago we saw something similar that finally did not stay in the store. Now we could be again in front of a section of daily offer with which to encourage purchases in the store. Here we can see applications and games that you want to promote and go through the hoop of lowering prices.

At the moment we do not know when these developments will come, not even if they will finally be implemented forever, but they are certainly good news for many users.

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