Google Play Music Offers Free 4 Months Subscription

Google Play Music Offers Free 4 Months Subscription

The competition between streaming music services is brutal. On the one hand we have Spotify, the Swedish-born giant. And it is not alone, because all the giants have wanted to enter that market. Google Play Music, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Groove Music … as you can see, the list of services is enormous.

And today we have to talk about the latest offer that has presented Google Play Music. It reminds us of the one that Spotify launched from 3 months for 1.10 $, although it is quite better. We are talking about four months at 0 $. Zero. Free. Nothing . And it’s easy to get this offer, we just have to follow a couple of steps.

Get 4 months of Google Play Music for free

Usually Google Play Music offers 60 days of testing to all new users. But, being the great news, Google Play Music has started offering four months of free full service . The test would come without a trap or cardboard, with all the functions available and costing us nothing.

Google Play Music Offers Free 4 Months Subscription

To get the offer we just have to follow google play music. You will see a screen like the one above, where you can select a test of 4 months : it is normal to offer us a maximum of 2 months. The only thing that will require us to have, in addition to a Google account, is a mode of payment in which we charge the automatic renewal.

In theory, the offer is only available to new users. But a server used months free for quite some time and let me take advantage of this offer, so check it out for yourselves.

Google Play Music Offers Free 4 Months Subscription

But rest assured, do not despair: you can deactivate the automatic renewal at the moment and continue enjoying the test. To do this click on log in (or look for the account settings within Google Play), and select “unsubscribe” from the Subscriptions tab.

Confirmed and ready, we will not be charged. Check that you have received the confirmation email, just in case. And, of course, you do not need to do this if you want to keep Google Play Music after 4 months; Each month costs $11.15.

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