Google Chrome Now Coming With a New Feature For Android

Google Chrome Now Coming With a New Feature For Android ebuddynews

You may have been waiting for Google Chrome for Android to be updated once and for all to block abusive ads and other advertising. You should know that the Internet lives on this advertising and that the majority should not be eliminated if you want to continue consuming services or free content. But we know that there are many websites that abuse ads and leave us with new windows, pop-up ads and some that do not allow us to go backwards. These are all those that must be eliminated or at least blocked. This is the focus of the new Chrome beta update, which is already testing a more powerful blocker.

It is very likely that you use Google Chrome in your day to day and that sometimes you find yourself with too intrusive advertising. Some pages even reproduce ads with sound that can make you feel very embarrassed if you go on the subway or you are in a public place. That your phone starts to sound by saying that there are 3 women nearby who want to meet you is not something you want to go through.

Google Chrome will end automatic video playback

Google Chrome Now Coming With a New Feature For Android ebuddynews

The first thing we see in the new Chrome beta is a much more powerful pop-up blocker. This will block all those ads that are hidden in invisible buttons or appear by surprise, leaving a more fluid and rewarding navigation. Google will not eliminate the current advertising banners since these are more than necessary for the subsistence of many web pages.

But not only will it block this type of advertising, but it will also eliminate the automatic playback of videos. Undoubtedly you have ever entered a website and have seen something start to sound on your mobile without doing anything. Most likely, this page has some ad with the video that plays automatically. Google wants to end this, since in addition to spending data and making the load of the page is much heavier, it is not a very loyal advertising for users.

Google Chrome Now Coming With a New Feature For Android ebuddynews

With these two functions, the browser launches a very important attack on all those pages that want to make extra money incorporating intrusive and in many cases malicious advertising. Now the navigation will be much more fluid, we will spend fewer data, and we will not have 4 or 5 pages open in the background loading videos, ads and other pages that we do not want to open. At the moment these functions are available in the beta phase, although we hope that they will soon reach the normal version for all users.

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