Is It Good To Turn Off The Phone Every Day

Is It Good To Turn Off The Phone Every Day

Is it good to turn off the phone every day ? Should you leave it on all night? These are very recurring questions that make us day by day, so the time has come to answer them, so you know if it is advisable or not to turn off or leave the phone on when you go to sleep at night.

As in everything in this life, there is no absolute truth, since for some it will be good and for others it will be bad, but it is important that you know the reasons for doing so and the reasons for not doing it , so you can barack yourself the options and Stay with the one that suits you the most.

Why turn off the phone at night

Is It Good To Turn Off The Phone Every Day

I am one of those who turns off the cell phone at night. I have been doing it practically all my life, and this has very beneficial consequences for physical and mental health, so you should know them.

You do not need to be connected 24 hours, even if you think so

Researchers at the University of Granada have studied in depth the nomophobia, or anxiety caused by the absence of our mobile . Believe it or not, having the need to keep the phone on all night is a clear symptom of this disorder, so turning it off is the healthiest thing you can do.

Also, researchers from the University of Málaga, have verified that it is advisable to turn off the mobile before bed, even leave it in another room. This greatly reduces our levels of irritability and stress, and allows us to better sleep.

Well, let’s be clear, we know you can care very little what these scientists know, but the truth is what it is. Having the phone on all night keeps us unconsciously in a constant state of alert, which greatly reduces the quality of sleep. The moment we eliminate something from our room that we have to be pending, the positive consequences begin to surface, so think about it.

You have a mini-pocket computer, and you need to rest

Is It Good To Turn Off The Phone Every Day

On many occasions, we forget that we have pocket computers, with a processor that runs for 24 hours. No, you will not burn it or break it by not letting it rest, but giving it a breather at night benefits all the components of your terminal, and will extend its useful life.

To this day, the alarms may sound with the mobile off

There is a very quick way to tell if your alarm will sound with the phone off . In the settings, you should look for the option to program on and off . If you have this option available, you should know that even if you turn the phone off, the alarms will sound, so here is another reason to turn off the phone at night.

Why leave the mobile on at night

Is It Good To Turn Off The Phone Every Day

Respond to urgencies

What would happen if a family member or friend had an early morning emergency and had your cell phone switched off? You would have a good problem, and all for having turned off the phone. If you leave the smartphone on you can respond to any urgency, and you will not have to worry the next day for not being available.

Use the mobile as an alarm clock

Is It Good To Turn Off The Phone Every Day

If your phone does not have a programmed power on and off, you will not be able to hear the alarm when it is turned off . Many of us – most of us today – use the smarphone as an alarm clock, so we can not access this feature if it is not turned on. So a strong reason to leave the mobile active at night, is to be able to use alarm the next day.

Listen to music to sleep

Is It Good To Turn Off The Phone Every Day

Can you imagine having to go to bed with mp3 so you do not leave the phone on and use it? A lot of people love to go to bed listening to their favorite music, which is another reason to leave the cell phone on at night. Also, in most music apps, you can set the playing time of the playlists you hear, so that the audio will be cut off after X hours.

Imagine that you go to bed at 00:00. You can program the music to sound for a couple of hours, so that when you wake up, the phone will be at rest and nothing will sound.

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