Facebook App Allows You to Find a Free WiFi Network

acebook App Allows You to Find a Free WiFi Network

Did you know that you can find free WiFi with the Facebook application? We show you one of the new features of the app that go unnoticed by users.

Finding WiFi networks in a city has become a child’s play. It is rare that a shop such as a coffee shop, a shop or a hotel does not provide it free to its customers at this point. But beware, because it is not always so simple. Sometimes we suffer to find a free WiFi network.

To help us in this task, we may have found a rather unusual alternative. We are talking about Facebook and its application loaded with tools and utilities. To be exact, the latest utility can help us find free WiFi , and we’ll show you how it is used in this article.

The function of Facebook to find free WiFi

Facebook App Allows You to Find a Free WiFi Network

The new feature is called ‘Find WiFi‘, and is in the list of functions and sections of Facebook with a WiFi icon. And its operation is quite simple: open the function and will appear a map with WiFi points near us . Each point is linked to a WiFi network and the place to which it belongs.

We can ask for directions to get there, or visit your Facebook page . We can also have Facebook notify us when we approach these points through the settings.

Facebook App Allows You to Find a Free WiFi Network

The feature has been in beta since 2016, and now would be when it has started to arrive for everyone. In my case this feature has not appeared on my version of Facebook for Android, while I can see it working on Apple iOS. We assume that it is a matter of time before it reaches the whole world .

In any case, be careful if you use this function. In iOS Facebook asks you for permanent access to your location if you want to use this function, with the consequent expense in battery and concern in privacy.

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