Doogee Mix Smartphone With New Features Coming Into Market

Doogee Mix Smartphone With New Features Coming Into Market

The Doogee Mix is ​​a mobile without frames much cheaper than the Mi Mix. Without losing too much performance along the way, like the double camera.

Frames are in extinction in the world of smartphones: there is no brand that is not considering the reduction of the space that surrounds the screen. This space can reach the minimum as already marked Sharp Aquos and the Xiaomi Mi Mix: maximum immersion while reducing the dimensions of the mobile without eliminating screen size.

The Doogee Mix  is a new smartphone without frames that will follow the clean aesthetics of the front while taking full advantage of this area to place a large screen. We do not know all the specifications of this phone, but we have seen its appearance thanks to the press images. And we also know another juicy data: the Doogee Mix will be put on pre-sale this very Monday at a spectacular price.

5.5 inch screen on a mobile phone smaller than the iPhone 7

Doogee Mix Smartphone With New Features Coming Into Market

One of the advantages of taking full advantage of the front of a smartphone is that you do not have to do without the big screen and also nice dimensions to grab the smartphone with comfort. Imagine that you keep the 5.5 inches and that you still have a manageable mobile that fits perfectly in the pocket.

The Doogee Mix screen will not only be large and will be used, it will also offer a Super AMOLED panel. Along with hardware features that are not bad at all: MediaTek Helio P25 processor, 4GB and 6GB versions of RAM, 64GB or 128GB of internal storage, will include Android 7 Nougat … And a rear double camera that will put the icing on A striking mobile by each of its corners.

This pair of cameras will dominate the rear face with a 16-megapixel sensor and an 8-megapixel sensor . We do not know more details, but we do know the size of the photographs for the front camera: 5 megapixels. This, due to the frameless screen of the Doogee Mix, moves to the bottom of the mobile. With another detail: the speaker of the telephone appears at the top facilitating the escape of sound.

Get your Doogee Mix in the pre-order and get a gift kit

Doogee Mix Smartphone With New Features Coming Into Market

The Doogee Mix pre-order will be on Monday, June 5 . We do not know the price that will reach when it is finally released (more than 200 dollars), but we do know how much will be worth in the pre-sale: 169.99 and 179.99 dollars. And if you get it in this pre-sale you will get a gift kit with a virtual reality glasses, a USB stick, a protective case, 2 spinners and a ring to hold the mobile.

Doogee Mix Smartphone Video

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