Presenting OnePlus 5 The New Thin Smartphone From OnePlus Family

Presenting OnePlus 5 The New Thin Smartphone From OnePlus Family

For months we have been talking about the design and features of OnePlus 5. This is one of the smartphones most interesting market, which already have much information. Today we were able to see how the price of the device made an appearance thanks to a Chinese analyst, which has confirmed that we will see the OnePlus 5 for 440 dollars.

This is good news, since it does not increase with respect to OnePlus 3T, although yes with respect to OnePlus 3, that went out to the market by 399 dollars. Today, we can learn about the design of the new OnePlus 5, as an engineer of the company itself has given some interesting details.

OnePlus has been characterized by launching quite interesting designs on all its devices. With the OnePlus 3 we saw a radical change, as we moved from its material that looked like sandpaper, to a completely metal device. This was liked by users, and the OnePlus 3, along with the 3T is one of the phones most valued by the community. There are only 15 days left to officially see the new OnePlus 5, but we already have information about its design, in addition to the photos filtered in the last days.

The design of the new OnePlus 5 will be more compact and thinner

Presenting OnePlus 5 The New Thin Smartphone From OnePlus Family

One of the things that has more importance in the high range, is the design. This year we are seeing how some companies go one step further, offering devices like the Xiaomi Mi MIX, the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the LG G6. These have a large screen in a small body, something possible thanks to the optimization of space. Instead, there are other devices in high – end that have chosen to adjust their margins, although not as much as the Huawei P10 or Honor 8 Pro.

Everything points to the OnePlus 5 will maintain the 5.5 inches of all previous devices, although with a reduction in size in the body. This is what has confirmed one of the engineers of the company, but does not tell us much more. He has also said that it will be a finer device, something that also counts in importance in this range.

Undoubtedly, we are looking forward to knowing the new device, and seeing the new design. Everything points to the June 15 OnePlus 5 will come out, although we could still see changes.

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