Cublast An Arcade Game Gives Challenging Levels To Users

Cublast An Arcade Game Gives Challenging Levels To Users

Cublast is an arcade game in which we will have to demonstrate reflexes and skill in agility puzzles against the clock.

The games, besides making us spend a good time, are here to challenge us. A game of puzzles would not be fun if all the puzzles were simple to overcome. Or a platform game would not be so much fun if it were simple to beat. Not only is it important to be entertaining and engage the player, it is also important to be challenging.

Mobile games have made a lot of things happen in this regard. It’s a new market, unprecedented, and there are dozens of mechanics that can work. So developers are not afraid to experiment with new games for Android, and today we bring you one called Cublast, which combines agility and reflexes in an arcade game.

Cublast, a challenging game for all tastes

Cublast An Arcade Game Gives Challenging Levels To Users

The mechanics of the game is something simple: we are a ball that moves and jumps. We move by tilting the device with which we are playing, while we jump by pressing the screen. The objective is to collect square control points that are along the level, and get to be placed in the slit that marks the end.

As you can imagine, it is not so simple at the moment of truth. The game, in addition to becoming more complicated, puts us traps and tools like spikes or changes of gravity.

We have to play with all that to reach the three stars in each level. The game also has a competitive side letting us upload our best times to the Internet, but it is not mandatory.

Cublast is available on Google Play, and it’s free. You have payments within the application that serve to buy aesthetics. And we can go to the version of Steam or Xbox One (coming soon) if we are left wanting more.

Cublast Game Video

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