Comparison Between OnePlus Smartphones Prices With Its Rivals

Comparison Between OnePlus Smartphones Prices With Its Rivals

After the presentation of the OnePlus 5 we compare its price with respect to previous generations, proving how the price has risen year after year, while its rivals are increasingly competent.

How OnePlus prices have evolved

OnePlus smartphones has always been characterized by launching two or more variants to the market of each generation. In most situations, the differences are usually tied to storage, although sometimes there are extra incentives, such as the first generation finishes or the extra power OnePlus 3T.

We have compiled the prices of OnePlus’s leading terminals since its first generation, as well as its main rivals in each generation. As we observe, you can see that each year prices are rising, but in turn the alternatives are becoming more competent and economic.

  • OnePlus One               299 dollars       332 dollars
  • OnePlus Two               355 dollars       444 dollars
  • OnePlus 3 / 3T           444 dollars        533 dollars
  • OnePlus 5                    555 dollars         633 dollars

OnePlus One: When the barrier of 334 dollars was the limit

Comparison Between OnePlus Smartphones Prices With Its Rivals

Born as the official mobile of  CyanogenMod, the OnePlus One was one of the most hype mobiles  has generated in Android. The closure of the quality/price initiated by Xiaomi and popularized by Google was followed by the young brand. And the truth is that they really did quite well.

Since its first generation, the company has launched mobile with top specs, with the processor and RAM being the main characters, as well as a version of Android as clean as possible, with additions that we knew and appreciated of the custom ROMs.

OnePlus One Prices

  • OnePlus One 16GB: 299 dollars.
  • OnePlus One 64GB: 332 dollars.

Its main rivals

  • LG G3: Practically the best of 2014, but with worse battery. 666 dollars.
  • Xiaomi Mi 4:  One of the best mobiles that Xiaomi has done in all its history. Competition very close. 444 dollars (in exchange).
  • Nexus 5: The one who at that time was king of quality/price. For many, the OnePlus One was the natural successor to the Nexus 5. 388 dollars.
  • Your invitation system: Undoubtedly the biggest impediment to getting a OnePlus One.

OnePlus Two: The complicated evolution of the firm

Comparison Between OnePlus Smartphones Prices With Its Rivals

Every family has its black sheep. The OnePlus 2 is the company of this company without hesitation. We did not say it because it was a mobile evil (in fact, it was still the best options in quality/price) but because it was not a good year for the high end. And by the change of Cyanogen OS by Oxygen, a version that lacked maturity.

The Snapdragon 810 was a processor that heated too much, and that made the performance of its star terminals come more limited. To make matters worse, OnePlus promoted this mobile as the  2016 Flagship Killer. Yes, as a mobile not only able to sweep the competition of his year, but the next year. He will not even receive Nougat, and his 2015 rivals already have this version.

OnePlus Two Prices

  • OnePlus Two 16GB: 355 dollars.
  • OnePlus Two 64GB: 422 dollars.

Its main rivals

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:  Samsung’s redesign with the S6 was amazing, and the rest of specs as well. 945 dollars.
  • Nexus 6P:  Very similar in specs, but with better camera. Its update support has proven to be the best option. 722 dollars.
  • Motorola Moto X Play:  Less powerful, but makes up for it with brutal autonomy. 439 dollars.

OnePlus 3 and 3T: When OnePlus marked the way

Comparison Between OnePlus Smartphones Prices With Its Rivals

OnePlus was already two years old and the truth is that it was a company with many signs of identity. Its Sandstone finish, its absurd system of invitations and its particular version of Oxygen OS. With the exception of the  Alert Slider, they decided to throw away all their identity signs for their new flagship, the OnePlus 3.

A better-worked processor like the 820, a more mature version of Oxygen OS, Optic AMOLED screen and a metallic design that reminds us of the best of HTC. And no invitations. A reflection that sometimes it is better to leave your principles aside to improve.

OnePlus 3 / 3T prices

  • OnePlus 3 64GB: 444 dollars.
  • OnePlus 3T 64GB: 488 dollars.
  • OnePlus 3T 128GB: 533 dollars.

Its main rivals

  • Samsung Galaxy S7: If it is not the best terminal of last year, little left. More expensive but with the best screen and camera, as well as microSD and water resistance. 912 dollars.
  • Xiaomi Mi5 / Mi5S: The natural rival of OnePlus since the birth of this. Worse in camera and materials, but better autonomy and lower price. Around 334 dollars (Mi5, to change).
  • Honor 8: One of the main surprises of last year. Excellent in design and performance, in addition to being more affordable. 445.34 dollars.

OnePlus 5: OnePlus most expensive mobile is also the best

Comparison Between OnePlus Smartphones Prices With Its Rivals

The OnePlus 5 follows the wake of 3 in every way. It is an even more elegant mobile with even less personality. More powerful, more expensive and with double camera. It is practically better in everything to its previous generation , but perhaps not enough.

OnePlus still has the photographic section pending (although they may have hit the spot this time) but the competition is getting more tight. Rivals like the Huawei P10 can already be obtained at a lower price, and even Honor has a rival that competes from you to you. All this without the shadow of his great rival Xiaomi.

OnePlus 5 Prices:

  • OnePlus 5 6 / 64GB: 555 dollars.
  • OnePlus 5 8 / 128GB: 622 dollars.

Its main rivals:

  • Xiaomi Mi6:  We have analyzed it and without a doubt is its main rival to beat. Undoubtedly, a titans fight. Around 434 dollars (at the exchange rate).
  • Huawei P10:  The closest quality/price ratio has been in the market for a few months now. 722 dollars.
  • Honor 8 Pro:  Another brutal alternative in quality / price that we loved. Very similar specifications but a much more generous battery. 611 dollars.
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