Charging Smartphone During Night Times Are Bad For Batteries

Charging Smartphone During Night Times Are Bad For Batteries

Batteries are one of the most important components of our phone, it depends on them to stay on and have a decent autonomy, hence the ones that accumulate more myths around them. The times of the charges, the behaviors that cause their degradation …

One of the most listened is the one related to the charges during the night. Finish the day, leave the mobile phone on the bedside table and automatically connect it to the charger to recover all its energy again. A behavior that is usually associated with the phone not being disconnected until the morning. But is this really bad for the battery?

There was a smartphone to a stuck magazine

With batteries, that famous saying of “breeding fame and go to sleep” is fulfilled, since most of the myths that surround them have to do with technologies that have already been left in the past, like the previous batteries of nickel-cadmium. With current generations of lithium ions, and even with those of lithium polymer, nothing happens that happened in the past.

Among other false information to banish, one of them is the long charges. Batteries do not currently suffer for long periods of charge, such as we do at night, and the reason for this is that they do not overheat like the previous batteries for electronic devices. The current ones are so intelligent that they disconnect the incoming energy flow as soon as they reach the top of their load.

Charging Smartphone During Night Times Are Bad For Batteries

Whether you have a fast charge or your phone charges at normal speed, the battery will no longer receive power from the charger as soon as it reaches 100% of its capacity and will only restart as soon as this battery level drops. Therefore, it is common that throughout the night, the battery of our phone has a long charge until it reaches the top and then small charges. Hence, when we wake up, we find it 100% cold.

This does not mean that it is advisable to connect the battery to the charger when strictly necessary, and to disconnect the phone as soon as we have obtained 100%. But from there to that the battery can be damaged by being long connected, there is a lot of travel. We should not fear for battery life if you spend long periods of time connected to the charger.

In fact, this myth also dismantles another saying that we must make a very long first charge of the battery when we unpack our mobile phone. If the battery stops charging when it reaches 100%, a first long charge is completely useless. The long battery charges during the premiere are a thing of the past, as is the myth that we should not charge it until it reaches 0% of its capacity.

Charge the battery when fully discharged

Another of the myths inherited by the batteries at the present time is the one related to the memory effect of the same ones . An effect that occurred when we charged a battery that was not completely discharged and that occurred by the creation of crystals inside the battery itself. These crystals originated by chemical reactions when heating the own battery during the use, and also because of the bad loads.

Charging Smartphone During Night Times Are Bad For Batteries

With lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries the memory effect does not occur, so it is not necessary to wait until they are 100% discharged and then connected to the charger. We can charge the battery when and how we want, and the battery itself will not suffer more wear and tear than that produced by the battery life itself.

Now, as we said before, that no memory effect does not remove so there are useful tips for charging our batteries. Putting them to charge between 40% and 80% of their capacity is beneficial, as we detract from stress and prolong their useful life, although this trick also does not produce miracles in the form of eternal and indestructible batteries. Downloading a battery completely is only useful if we are going to calibrate it.

Thus, as we see, the new generations of batteries that have been with us for quite some time have been dismantling the myths related to outdated or completely displaced technologies. Long life to lithium, especially now that it can become solid and increase from its duration to its efficiency. And do not worry so much about the batteries, the technology associated with them also evolves, even if you do not get so much attention from marketing departments.

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