Celebrating Pokémon GO Mobile Game Of Their First Year Anniversary

The first year has passed through Pokémon GO. It seems like it was yesterday when we were walking around our mobile streets in hand. Many will continue to do so, but the vast majority abandoned it.

Update. Niantic announces the first anniversary event with a surprise: we can get Pikachu with the hat of Ash Ketchum. It will be available from July 6 to 24: all Pikachu that appear will wear this cap. In addition, we can buy an anniversary pack with different accessories, including an incubator.

With every Pokémon GO article posted there are always those who say “There are still people playing?”. The truth is that yes, the game keeps millions of monthly users competing with their creatures and hunting new specimens. The latest update has ostensibly improved the proposal, but is still far from what many expected when it began. That’s a year ago.

Today is the first anniversary of Pokémon GO .Niantic is not celebrating it with any special event, which does not do so much of the last Niantic is inviting the trainers to capture a Pikachu with Ash’s cap. He also wants us to take stock of the first year of the game, which I will do next.

Pokémon GO has evolved in its first year, but not at the expected rate

It is easy to get on the side of the players recriminating the creators of the game that have not adapted to our requirements, but it is also true that Niantic took too long to introduce real news. Going to hunt Pokémon to real life was enough hook to get into Pokémon GO, but the monotony soon flooded the games. That despite the fact that, compared to its launch, the game now has nothing to do with the then. At least in the gymnasium grounds.

Celebrating Pokémon GO Mobile Game Of Their First Year Anniversary

Beyond the new fights and incursions Pokémon GO remains more or less equal by more than Niantic introduced a huge variety of new Pokémon. Yes, the eagerness of collecting is very powerful, but finding the same thing always ends up dynamiting the desire to continue playing.

I will not get into the complicated decisions of Niantic by prohibiting the participation to the users ROOT , I know that this is the main complaint of many players. I never had problems playing: I am at level 25 and I recognize that I have enjoyed Pokemon GO a lot. In fact I went out with my hunting family. And I shared my experience with other coaches on the spot, this is what I prefer to highlight from the experience. And it is what Niantic has not finished conjuring.

Pokémon was always a group experience. The games are individual, but exchanging the creatures with friends widened horizons. This, which is so basic in a game where collecting premium, maintains its flagrant absence at present. Niantic anticipated it, but still does not appear.

Niantic lost six months of development due to the glaring success of Pokémon GO

Celebrating Pokémon GO Mobile Game Of Their First Year Anniversary

In an interview with The Verge John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, says the team lost six months of its development plan because of the exaggerated success of Pokémon GO. July and August of 2016 was an era in which there was no talk of anything else. And that caused the company to adapt its available resources to meet the demand ; Losing precious time that they intended to devote to the evolution of the game.

Looking back, and analyzing in detail the last year, we can see how that delay influenced the news. Pokemon eggs were introduced for Christmas ; Along with several events that triggered the reinstallation of Pokémon GO. From that date we see the grip on the accelerator with a sprint in the final straight, just before entering the goal marked by the first anniversary.

The latest features introduced significantly improve Pokémon GO. If you have not played for some time, it is worth it to reinstall it to see what has changed. The incursions are one of the sour cherries that were missing to regain the desire to swell the Pokédex; As well as new fitness strategies. The same John Hanke highlights this update among all realized during the first year of life of Pokémon GO.

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