A Brief Review Of New iLife A6 Vacuum Cleaner Robot

A Brief Review Of New iLife A6 Vacuum Cleaner Robot

We tried a new model of robot vacuum, the iLife A6 vacuum that has left us a good taste for its low noise and great efficiency.

When it comes to testing devices, we prioritize those that are related to Android, obviously, although sometimes we make an exception. In this case we are going to try out a robot that works autonomously and that has seemed a decent evolution of the first ones that came out a few years ago, one of which we already tried in the blog.

This time we do not have control over bluetooth nor with application by Wifi, something that we have seen in other models that, nevertheless, sinned of not cleaning equally well, or of being much more expensive, like the one of Xiaomi that we loved but It cost a lot more.

Simple control in the robot and advanced control

This device can be used simply by pressing the button at the top of the device by turning it on and pressing it again to clean it automatically. In case you ran out of battery, you would automatically search for the base to recharge.

However it is the remote that brings the one that gives us more possibilities of handling, highlighting two of the modes that we think work better than in other models.

A Brief Review Of New iLife A6 Vacuum Cleaner Robot

The spiral mode cleans an area by widening the turning radius to keep nothing dirty. This only stops if you encounter an obstacle, in which case you proceed to surround it. Here we have seen how he performs much better than other robots we have tried and in my case I have not had to move chairs from the dining table, passing him between the legs without problems and cleaning the whole floor.

The other way that works great is the perimetral, that goes by the edge of the wall without leaving the typical fluffs in the corners that are the weak point of this type of apparatuses. Even if it comes to an isolated element when taking a turn it leaves the loop, not going around.

High power and good speed

A Brief Review Of New iLife A6 Vacuum Cleaner Robot

We have noticed that the suction motor works quite well and a lower rubber piece does not pass any dirt though it has a bad part and it is that it can get tangled with cables like the phone chargers. Care must be taken not to leave any on the floor when activating the vacuum cleaner.

Although these robots are noisy by nature this particular is not less than some of their rivals. In spite of everything we always activate it when we leave home since to carry out activities like reading or watching the television with him in operation is something annoying.

An ideal low profile for cleaning

Personally I have been using for a few months a model of another brand that although it had more features like Wi-Fi control or video surveillance camera did not also clean like the iLife A6.

This suction robot has a low profile of less than 8 cm which causes it to get under the cabinets cleaning in areas that normally other robots do not arrive.

A virtual wall to delimit zones

A Brief Review Of New iLife A6 Vacuum Cleaner Robot

Together with the remote control and some usual spare parts in these products we have a virtual wall that generates an infrared beam to delimit the area that we want our robot to clean. I have tried it by putting it on the door of the room leaving the vacuum cleaner inside, making sure that the area that is clean is just that room. It is true that we can achieve the same by closing the bedroom door but it causes a nuisance if we are entering or leaving for some reason.

In addition we can use it to delimit zones within a same room where there are no walls. Of course, the action beam reaches up to 3 meters.

The programing

A Brief Review Of New iLife A6 Vacuum Cleaner Robot

The control also allows programming the time at which the robot must perform an automatic cleaning . This way we can tell you to clean just when we are at work or maybe at the gym if we need to remember to give it to the start button.

As we say, we have tested more advanced robots capable of cleaning with water thanks to a small tank or controlled by the Wi-Fi network and our smartphone can activate them from the street. The reality is that this iLife A6 vacuum is simpler but much more effective in the task for which it has been created: clean the house.

Also available is the discount coupon ILIFEA6 vacuum with which this robot will cost you 229 dollars.

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